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2024 Hurricane Season Forecast: What Cancun Travelers Should Know

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Bad weather rarely tops the list as the primary concern for travelers headed to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. 

a beach in cancun after a hurricane

But this summer, visitors are being told to pay close attention to the weather forecast with predictions of more stronger hurricanes affecting the coastal region. 

According to the latest long-term hurricane forecast issued by Mexico’s national meteorological agency, the Mexican Caribbean could see up to 37 tropical storms or hurricanes this year. 

a white sand beach in cancun with stormy weather

But unlike in previous years, both the El Niño and La Niña weather patterns are likely to cause a spike in severe tropical storms, several of which could hit Cancun. 

With that in mind, here’s what travelers should know about the 2024 hurricane season in Cancun

New Forecast Shows Increase In Tropical Storms For 2024 Hurricane Season 

Although the hurricane season isn’t due to begin until June, meteorologists are already analyzing huge quantities of data to help coastal destinations prepare for what could be a particularly stormy summer. 

cancun resort area amid a strong hurricane

This week, Mexico’s national meteorological agency issued a new long-term forecast for the summer and fall, indicating that the region could see up to 37 strong tropical storms. 

The forecast, which is based on historical weather patterns as well as ongoing meteorological conditions caused by the El Niño phenomenon, is crucial in helping officials prepare for the effects of severe weather. 

storm ocean view in cancun

Fortunately, Cancun is rarely affected directly by hurricanes, with only two hitting the coastal hotspot in the last 30 years. Even so, meteorologists say that climate change and other factors are leading to increasingly strong weather phenomena across the region.

From floods to dangerous waves, Cancun sees a handful of strong tropical storms each summer, leading officials to shut down beaches and numerous aquatic activities. 

The latest forecast for the 2024 storm season shows that up to 17 hurricanes could form over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with the potential to cause heavy rain, wind, and flooding in Mexico’s coastal areas, including Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. 

a cancun beach on a windy day

In addition to a greater likelihood of strong tropical storms, meteorologists say that Cancun could see significantly more precipitation compared to previous years.

Although there are still several months to go before the peak of the hurricane season – typically between August and October – Cancun officials are already taking precautions to protect travelers. 

Resorts in Cancun are obliged to prepare annual evacuation plans as well as other weather-related safety protocols should conditions worsen.

From setting up hurricane shelters to evacuating guests, travelers can rest assured that their accommodations will look after their safety. 

cancun palm trees during a powerful storm

Before heading to Cancun, travelers are advised to read up on their resort’s hurricane safety protocols, ensuring that they are aware of all the important safety precautions. 

Even though hurricanes are rare in Cancun, tropical storms are known to cause heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning, which can pose a risk to travelers.

It’s important to regularly check the weather forecast prior to heading out to the beach or other areas that are prone to the effects of severe weather. 

Tourists and Boats in the Water Near Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Another crucial tip for travelers is to purchase comprehensive travel insurance, affording visitors the possibility to postpone or reschedule a trip in case of adverse weather. 

In addition to more tropical storms this summer, Cancun officials are also warning travelers to take precautions against heat waves, which are forecast to be more intense than ever this year.

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