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Tropical Storms Clear Mexican Caribbean Beaches Of Sargassum 

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While sargassum season is not quite over yet, the beaches got an early reprieve from the massive amounts of sargassum that typically cover them during the summer months.   

Usually, sargassum season lasts well into the fall, with its presence noticeable sometimes as late as October.   

But recent tropical storms have cleared Mexican Caribbean beaches of sargassum earlier than usual this year.   

Beautiful Sargassum Free Beach in Tulum, Mexico

A Surprise Benefit From Tropical Weather 

According to the Sargassum Monitoring Network, the storms in the Caribbean and the Atlantic have had an unexpected effect on the Mexican Caribbean’s beaches.   

The combination of arriving cold fronts and calm seas, despite the storms, has kept sargassum off most of the beaches in the region.   

In fact, 96 out of the 100 beaches that the network monitors are sargassum-free, and the remaining four only have moderate amounts of sargassum. 

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What Is Sargassum? 

Sargassum is a form of seaweed that comes from the Atlantic Ocean, where it gathers and forms what is called the “Sargasso Sea.”   

Currents push the brown seaweed towards the Caribbean, where massive amounts of it wash up on Mexican Caribbean beaches during the spring and summer months.   

Sargassum poses no threat to humans but does detract from the beauty of the beaches that so many tourists visit the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy.   

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How Sargassum Affects Tourists 

Tourists who visit places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum during sargassum season are often forced to share the beaches with the seaweed.   

And even though it does not have any effects on health, it does have a putrid smell when it starts to decay.   

Sometimes it’s so bad that visitors find other things to do during their vacations so that they can avoid the beaches altogether.   

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Best Beaches To Visit To Avoid Sargassum  

Some beaches in the Mexican Caribbean have less sargassum even during sargassum season.   

Playa Norte, a beach on the island of Isla Mujeres, which sits just off of the shore of Cancun, is known for typically having little to no sargassum.   

Also, the beaches that sit along the western shore of the island of Cozumel generally have much less sargassum than the rest of the island and other Mexican Caribbean destinations. 

Playa Norte beach on Isla Mujeres island near Cancun in Mexico.

When Sargassum Season Starts Again 

Sargassum can be present on beaches in the Mexican Caribbean at any time during the year.   

Generally speaking, the season typically starts in May and runs through October.   

In recent years, though, sargassum has arrived on some of the beaches in the region as early as February, interfering with the enjoyment of the beaches for the massive number of tourists that arrive in March and April for spring break.   

A beach in Playa del Carmen with some sargassum

Top Mexican Caribbean Beaches To Enjoy Now That Sargassum Is Gone 

One of the great things about the Mexican Caribbean is that there are so many different beaches to enjoy now that the sargassum is gone.   

Up and down the coast you’ll find secluded beaches, beaches with energetic beach clubs, family-friendly beaches, beaches for locals, and more.   

So whatever kind of beach experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the Mexican Caribbean and can actually enjoy it in the absence of sargassum.   

Playa Delfines, Also Known As Dolphin Beach, in Cancun, Mexico

Other Ways To Avoid Sargassum In The Mexican Caribbean  

If for some reason sargassum does rear its ugly head again this year, or if you’ll be visiting during sargassum season, you’ll be happy to know there are other ways to avoid it.   

The entire region is filled with fascinating naturally formed swimming holes called cenotes where you can always take a dip, sargassum-free.   

And there’s always your beautiful resort pool to cool off during your Mexican Caribbean vacation too.

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