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Thefts Inside Cancun Resorts Spike In 2024: What Tourists Need To Know

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Each month in Cancun, travelers are surveyed at the airport to find out what, if any, issues they have had during their vacation.

While this survey is carried out each month in the destination, this January’s results have revealed a potentially serious issue about thefts rising in Cancun resorts.

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Resort Security Issues

One of the most serious complaints from travelers comes from the presence of theft of personal belongings from resort suites.

Among all those who took the survey, 9% reported the theft of belongings from their resort suite. While not a huge percentage, 1 in 10 is still a sizeable number and an issue that deserves attention.

To give a clearer picture, this translates to over 3,500 thefts in January 2024, and out of this number, only 18% were reported to the police, raising questions about the level of confidence that travelers have in local law enforcement.

a hotel room key in its housing with the door open

No Quick Solutions

On the part of the resorts, the solution to fixing this issue isn’t something that can be achieved fast.

The resorts of Cancun already provide seriously strong security measures, with extensive security cameras and security personnel stationed in the majority of properties.

It isn’t surprising that the main cause for concern regarding security in resorts is within the suites, where no surveillance is carried out.

So far, the main recommendation being spoken of to tackle this issue is further training for resort staff, including a stronger approach to educating staff on the values that they are expected to uphold.

resort reception staff

What Travelers Can Do

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that travelers shouldn’t need to be concerned about theft from their resort suites in the first place, but this issue is happening frequently in Cancun.

With that knowledge, there are steps travelers can take to reduce the risk of this affecting them and their vacation experience.

Tourists Waiting to Be Picked Up at Cancun Airport

Make Use Of Resort Safes

The majority of Cancun’s resorts provide guests with personal safes within their suite.

Travelers should make use of this amenity where available and ensure that all expensive belongings remain in it unless needed.

This includes passports, which are often a popular target for thieves, as well as cash (all currencies), debit and credit cards, jewelry, and electronics.

a hotel safe being opened

Don’t Flash Valuables

While the more intimate details about the situations in which these thefts occurred haven’t been released, an important step to take for personal safety in any destination, and no less important in Cancun, is to avoid flashing valuables.

Even everyday belongings such as necklaces and smartwatches can attract attention in tourism destinations, and avoiding having these valuables on show can reduce the risk of being a target of petty theft.

a smartwatch on a persons wrist being used

What To Do If Affected By Theft

Across the nation of Mexico, there is no shortage of conversations about the effectiveness of the police; however, when it comes to petty theft within resorts, travelers should feel confident in reporting any incidents to both the resort management and the police.

The security and safety of resort guests is a huge priority for Cancun hoteliers.

They want to retain a good reputation in this respect and will not hesitate to investigate alongside the police to recover any stolen materials.

Police Truck Monitoring the Streets of Cancun

In the event a traveler experiences theft in their resort suite, immediately phone the police and inform the resort management. If travelers feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously, visit the following website and use its services to ensure a complaint is properly addressed:

Through this helpful service, which has been specially created to give travelers more confidence when visiting Cancun, a huge range of issues can be resolved.

Travelers can find specific information for everything from legal advice to what to do in the event a passport is lost or stolen.

No matter the issue, travelers can easily find guidance that will guide them in the right direction.

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Wednesday 27th of March 2024

Always,in MX the majority of theft is "A crime of opportunity." Even in residences, cleaning ladies will take a portion of money, or jewelry that is perceived to be not worn frequently.

Sometimes, a little discussion with a member of the housecleaning staff about your expectations will yield positive results. But, your obligation is to tip daily.


Wednesday 27th of March 2024

It is everywhere. The baggage check point woman stole $2,000 US from my backpack when I arrive at T4 on March 7th 2024. No it wasn't reported because everyone knows tge authorities don't care.