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These Are The Safest Ways To Explore The Mexican Caribbean In 2024

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The Mexican Caribbean is a paradise for travelers, with a never-ending coastline of stunning beaches, strong cultural experiences, and a huge number of attractions and excursions; it is super-rewarding for travelers to step out of their resort and see as much of the destination as possible.

But while exploring is highly recommended while on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, it’s important that travelers navigate the region in as safe and well-informed a way as possible.

A traveler looking out at the Caribbean from the Riviera Maya coast

Choosing The Right Transport

Unfortunately, while the roads in the Mexican Caribbean are far from having a deadly reputation, accidents do still occur, and the difference between a safe and dangerous journey can boil down to the method of transport that is chosen.

The following are some of the most popular ways for travelers to get around the Mexican Caribbean.

happy couple on a beach in the mexican caribbean

Motorcycle/Moped Rentals

Perhaps one of the most romanticized ways of traveling around the Mexican Caribbean, there is a definite joy in cruising on two wheels through jungle highways and along Caribbean coastal roads.

However, this is also one of the most dangerous ways to get around in any travel destination, and the Mexican Caribbean doesn’t buck this trend.

Even for seasoned bikers, the unpredictable roads in the Mexican Caribbean can quickly become very difficult to travel over, with potholes and areas of bad traction being super common.

If travelers do decide to travel this way, they should take extra care, drive at a safe speed, and always wear a helmet, even if the locals don’t.

motorcycles parked on a street in mexico

Car Rental

For travelers determined to explore the Mexican Caribbean, getting a car rental is a fantastic way to maximize convenience and flexibility in travel plans without giving up too much comfort.

Additionally, if travelers pick up their rental in Cancun, then they will have access to a huge range of vehicles to choose from.

Whether travelers want a small budget car that is easier to navigate in or a super-safe and luxurious SUV, they can find both and everything in between in the Mexican Caribbean main destination.

Avis Rental Car Location

In the past, this way of traveling around got a lot of bad press due to reports of dishonest policing practices impeding travelers and costing them large amounts of money.

Thankfully, things are changing, with much more oversight on police officers in the destination, as well as a new help system in place that allows travelers to call for a translator/negotiator style service when pulled over, which means that this form of transport is better than ever.

However, like traveling by motorcycle, extra care is advised due to the unreliable nature of the highways and road surfaces in the region.

view of a road next to a white sand beach in cancun

Tren Maya

The new train service, one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Mexican history, is finally servicing passengers in the Mexican Caribbean, and it is already making a case for it being the safest and most convenient way to travel.

One of the biggest positives about this new service is how much more accessible it will make smaller destinations for travelers. Previously long journeys are being cut in half, and in turn, opening up the whole of the region for spontaneous day trips.

Unfortunately, there are still a few kinks being worked out with the train service, with the issue of buying tickets online causing embarrassment for authorities.

But once the service irons out these issues it will no doubt be the greatest way to safely see the Mexican Caribbean.

Little girl with his mother on a train looking out the window

Taking The Bus

Other than the transfer from Cancun International Airport to the front doors of their resort, many travelers don’t consider using the bus system again during their vacation.

And for travelers who enjoy comfortable care-free travel at super-reasonable prices, that’s a big missed opportunity.

The private bus services in the Mexican Caribbean are of very high quality, most notably the services run by ADO, which has a modern and air-conditioned fleet of buses that travelers can use to explore the whole of the Mexican Caribbean with ease.

ADO Bus in Cancun, Mexico

Most importantly, the buses in the Mexican Caribbean are an extremely safe way to travel, providing a tested and proven choice that travelers can rely on.

Furthermore, with the Maya Train now in service, bus prices are expected to drop even further due to this huge new avenue of competition.

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