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Why This Gorgeous City South Of Cancun Is Perfect For Solo Female Travelers 

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The Mexican Caribbean town of Tulum, located in the state of Quintana Roo, less than two hours from Cancun, has a lot to offer for tourists.   

Smaller and with a more close-knit community than its super popular counterpart, it’s also a fantastic destination for females traveling solo.   

There are actually several other reasons why this gorgeous city south of Cancun is perfect for solo female travelers, and we’ll go over what they are.   

Solo Female Traveler Walking Near the Ruins in Tulum, Mexico

Greether – What It Is And How It Makes Solo Female Travel Safer 

One of the things that solo female travelers can use to make their trip safer when visiting Tulum is the Greether platform.   

The platform allows female travelers to connect with females in the destination they’ll be visiting who can essentially show them around town and provide tips for staying safe in the destination.   

Greether is available in nearly 1,000 cities worldwide, now including Tulum.   

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Using Greether In Tulum 

To get started using Greether for your trip to Tulum the first thing you have to do is join the platform.   

You’ll then fill out the booking form with your destination, number of travelers, and how many hours you would like to book.  

The options and rates for a solo traveler are: 

  • 2.5 Hours – $65 
  • 4 Hours – $100 
  • 6 Hours – $130 

Once that’s done you just have to wait to be notified that you’ve been paired with a “Greeter” that will show you around during your visit.   

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The Safety Status Of Tulum 

The Mexican Caribbean, in general, is a very safe place to visit, provided you don’t get involved in things you shouldn’t.   

Of all of the Mexican Caribbean destinations, Tulum is one of the safest.   

Of course, when visiting any vacation destination, especially as a solo female traveler, you need to take some precautions, like being aware of your surroundings, not accepting drinks from strangers, and not walking around alone late at night.   

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The Size Of The Town  

The small size of the town, which is only about five miles in length, is part of what makes Tulum so safe.   

Everything, including the beaches and the town itself, is pretty close to each other.   

This means you generally don’t have to walk too far to get where you’re going and there are always people around.   

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Tulum’s Small Town Vibes 

The small-town vibes, friendly locals, and numerous expats also contribute to the overall safety of Tulum too.   

It’s not hard to make friends, which is great for solo female travelers.   

Although you still have to be cautious about who you make friends with, the fact that many of the locals and long-term vacationers are acquainted with each other makes it easier to determine who you can make friends with.   

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Fantastic, Safe, Reputable Hotels 

You can visit some places that have some pretty sketchy hotels that don’t necessarily feel safe, but Tulum has plenty of fantastic, safe, reputable hotels to choose from.   

There are more than 100 hotels, hostels, and all-inclusives in Tulum, ranging in price from around $75 a night to hundreds.   

Most of these are highly-rated properties with superior customer service that also take security pretty seriously, so you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere that you’ll be comfortable during your visit.   

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Safest Ways To Get To Tulum  

The best option for getting to Tulum from Cancun Airport has always been private transportation because it’s safe, comfortable, and can be booked in advance.   

A private shuttle will cost around $300 roundtrip.   

With the inauguration of the new Maya Train route from Cancun to Tulum just around the corner, though, you’ll soon have a more affordable, faster, and even safer way to get to the destination.   

Additionally, Tulum also now has its own airport, but it will likely be a bit before we see a lot of international flight availability, so for now, private transportation is still the best option for getting to Tulum.

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