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Submarine Tours In Cancun Remain Safe Despite Tragedy In The Atlantic

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After the tragic event in the North Atlantic, which saw a commercial submarine on an expedition to the Titanic implode and cause the deaths of all passengers on board, questions are being asked about the safety of commercial submarines.

There are several submarine experiences in Cancun and the Riviera Maya that have been operating for years without catastrophe, but travelers are naturally thinking twice.

Thankfully, what happened in the North Atlantic is not something to worry about in Cancun. And this is why.

Submarine Tours In Cancun Remain Safe Despite Tragedy In The Atlantic

Safer Conditions

The big difference between the recent submarine tragedy and the commercial submarine attractions in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is the conditions they operate in.

To get down to the Titanic, the ill-fated submersible had to withstand incredible pressure at over 12,000 feet below sea level, a task it, unfortunately, couldn’t handle in the end.

As a comparison, the deepest depth that Cancun and the Riviera Mayas commercial submarines reach is 100 feet below sea level.

At this depth, the pressures needed to be withstood by the submersibles are infinitely smaller, meaning the safety of the expedition due to pressure is not in question.

Cozumel reefs

Safer Vehicles

A big talking point across news media and experts is the seaworthiness of the submarine lost at the Titanic site.

While constructed by professional engineers, it is alleged it hadn’t received extensive enough sea trials or testing before going into service.

That isn’t the case with the multiple types of submersibles in service in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. All are regulated and licensed, as well as being internationally approved commercial vessels.

What’s more, they are all tried and tested with years of safe operation under their belt, pointing to a safe and well-regulated industry.

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The Submarine Tours On Offer

There are 3 kinds of submarine tours to be found across Cancun and the Riviera Maya, each with its own big selling point.

The Paradise Subsea

This tour is the friendliest one for people unsure about being deep in the ocean. Best described as a cross between a submarine and a boat, it never fully leaves the surface while still delivering amazing underwater views and experiences.

This is a fantastic way to experience the underwater world around Cancun, taking in huge natural coral reefs and even a stop at the world-famous Cancun Underwater Museum, an art installation normally reserved for scuba divers and marine life.

Cancun BOB Mini-Subs

Ramping up the adventure a notch, these individual mini-subs are a real blast for those brave enough to try.

The BOB (Breathing observation bubble) mini-subs look like an underwater motorbike with a large helmet attached to them. Super easy to operate, travelers are able to zoom around underwater in a safe and controlled environment.

A fantastic way to see the Chantales Reef, located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres, travelers are perfectly safe. Operated at shallow depths and with safety divers supervising, this is an experience that lifts the adrenaline without the associated risks.

Atlantis Submarines

This is as authentic as a submarine experience gets without joining the US Navy’s silent service.

Visually, this looks like a real submarine, and that’s because it is. Taking adventurers 100 feet deep in the ocean to experience truly breathtaking sights.

Lasting around 2 hours, travelers really get their money’s worth with the abundant wildlife and coral reefs to be enjoyed from one of the 26 portholes designed into the submarine for maximal viewing pleasure.

Additionally, while the aquatic wildlife and coral reefs are a sight to behold, the true crowning glory of these tours comes with the visit to a real-life shipwreck!

The shipwreck, named the Felipe Xicotencatl, was originally named the USS Scuffle and served in the Pacific theatre during WWII.

Serving in many combat operations, it was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation and five battle stars for service in the war, and later was sold to the Mexican Navy in 1962 before ultimately being turned into an artificial reef in 1999.

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