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National Guard Being Deployed In Cancun To Enhance Security For Tourists This Summer 

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The summer season is not the busiest in Cancun, but there are still a lot of tourists who make the trip to the Mexican vacation destination between the months of June and September.   

Currently, as many as 600 flights a day are arriving and departing from Cancun Airport, and these numbers are expected to continue well into the summer.   

That’s a lot of tourists to protect, which is why the National Guard is being deployed in Cancun, to enhance security for tourists this summer.   

Military on the Beach in Cancun, Mexico

The Decision To Enhance Security 

The decision to enhance security before summer really gets underway is due to recent violence related to drug dealers in the area.   

Although tourists usually are not victims of drug-related crimes, a recent shooting in the Hotel Zone back in April was a little too close to where tourists spend most of their time.   

Incidents like these lead to the need for more security in tourist areas. 

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Criminal Activity In Cancun 

Petty crimes like pickpocketing and scams are the most common types of crime you’ll see reported in Cancun and other popular Mexican Caribbean vacation destinations.   

Drug-related crime is fairly common too but is generally directed at rival drug dealers and those working for bigger drug dealers.   

These crimes typically occur away from popular tourist areas like the downtown area and the Cancun Hotel Zone. 

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Security In Cancun Overall 

Overall, Cancun is a safe and secure place to visit, and millions of tourists do it every year, most without incident.   

Security officials in the tourist destination are constantly implementing new ways to improve security in the city.   

This is why Cancun is one of the safest destinations in Mexico for tourists.  

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Safest Places To Be In Cancun 

As with anywhere else, there are certain areas in town that are perfectly safe, and then there are areas where crime is more common.   

The tourist areas like the Hotel Zone, the downtown area, and certain gated tourist communities are the safest places to be in Cancun, as security is pretty much a constant in these areas.   

Tourists should not travel outside of these areas unless they know where they are going. 

Cancun Hotel Zone with beautiful Mexican Caribbean waters and white sand beaches with hotels in the background.

Other Ways Officials Make Cancun Safe 

Using the National Guard for security in Cancun is an extra layer of protection, as other methods are used to maintain security in the city too.   

In recent months security cameras have been installed, the police force has been increased, and drones are even starting to be utilized for surveillance.   

All of these security measures help contribute to the overall safety and security in Cancun. 

Police Car Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Keeping Tourists Safe On Cancun Beaches 

Many of the security efforts implemented by Cancun security officials focus on the beach because this is where many incidents happen.   

Often this is in the form of self-injury resulting from overdrinking, overexposure to the sun, or water-related accidents.   

The increased presence of the National Guard will also help deal with issues like these on the beaches of Cancun as well.   

Tourists on a Beautiful Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Efforts That Pay Off 

According to security officials, the efforts that Cancun makes toward improving security do, in fact, pay off.   

According to one National Guard inspector, the selling of drugs has “reduced in the way they are no longer selling; not many people are detected who are dedicated to the sale of narcotics.”   

So these operations are making Cancun an even safer place to visit. 

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