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4 Mexican Caribbean Towns Ranked Among The Top 10 Most Visited Magic Towns In 2023

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Mexico, a country known for its diverse offerings, captivates travelers with its array of experiences. From awe-inspiring natural wonders to a vibrant cultural heritage and mouth-watering cuisine, Mexico has it all.

However, countless travelers would agree that among the country’s remarkable destinations, the Mexican Caribbean stands out as an unrivaled must-visit spot – and the numbers seem to confirm that.

According to an analysis by Despegar, a leading travel website, four of the top 10 most visited magic towns in Mexico this year are located in the Mexican Caribbean: Valladolid, Bacalar, Isla Mujeres, and Tulum.

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The distinction of being a magical town is awarded by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism to destinations that possess a unique blend of folklore, culture, history, natural wonders, and cuisine. 

This achievement is even more remarkable, considering that Mexico is home to a total of 132 magical towns, making the recognition even more prestigious.

So, what makes these four Mexican Caribbean magical towns so special?

Keep reading to find out!


This enchanting colonial town found in the state of Yucatán is a must-visit for history buffs, adventurous explorers, and food enthusiasts alike.

As one of the oldest towns in the state, Valladolid boasts an array of impressive colonial buildings, including notable landmarks like the San Servacio Church, Casas Cural, and La Casa de Los Venados. 

Of particular interest is the San Servacio Church, which was constructed by the Spaniards using the remains of an ancient Mayan pyramid, lending the building a unique style and captivating beauty.

San Servacio Cathedral at Valladolid

Surrounded by a multitude of Mexico’s most stunning cenotes, Valladolid offers a natural playground for exploration. Fortunately, there are many tours available that allow you to visit several of these stunning cenotes in a breeze. 

But if you’re feeling lazy, worry not! Within the town itself, you’ll find the breathtaking Cenote Zaci, a mesmerizing sinkhole where you can enjoy a refreshing dip right in the heart of the town.

In terms of cuisine, Valladolid doesn’t hold back. Be sure to try the mouthwatering Poc Chuc, a marinated and grill-cooked pork delicacy, as well as the town’s signature dish, the aptly named ‘Lomitos de Valladolid,’ featuring succulent pork loin in a flavorful tomato sauce.

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Valladolid Cenote


This small town near Chetumal (the capital of Quintana Roo, the state that encompasses Cancun) is renowned for its mesmerizing Bacalar Lagoon.

Boasting a spectrum of blue hues so breathtakingly beautiful that it almost appears unreal, Bacalar Lagoon is the ideal location to partake in a wide range of water sports, such as kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling.


Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Cenote Azul, a captivating cenote that adds to Bacalar’s allure, and the San Felipe Fort, a formidable structure erected to defend against pirate attacks.

Visit the Canal de los Piratas, a stunning channel named after the pirates who once ventured to Bacalar to plunder the region’s prized wood (and perhaps even indulge in a quick dip to escape the scorching Caribbean sun, although this hasn’t been confirmed).

After a day of exploration, treat yourself to culinary delight at one of Bacalar’s excellent restaurants. From fresh seafood to tantalizing burgers, pasta, and traditional Mexican cuisine, you can savor your meal while enjoying a picturesque view of the beautiful lagoon.

canon in mexico

Isla Mujeres

Nestled just off the shores of Cancun, this enchanting island seamlessly combines breathtaking natural vistas with captivating historical landmarks.

Swim alongside majestic sea turtles and colorful tropical fish, visit the mesmerizing underwater museum, or simply bask in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

isla mujeres from above

You can learn about the island’s fascinating history at the remains of the Temple of the Goddess Ixchel, an ancient Mayan sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of fertility and the moon.

Isla Mujeres is home to a vast number of excellent local eateries and beachside restaurants, where you can sample succulent seafood dishes – from freshly caught fish tacos to ceviche bursting with zesty flavors. 


With its laid-back atmosphere and bohemian charm, Tulum is the perfect destination for travelers seeking relaxation and tranquility.

Conveniently located just under a two hour drive from Cancun and soon to feature its own airport, this enchanting coastal town is quickly becoming one of the most popular Mexican Caribbean vacation hotspots.

Tulum’s natural wonders are anything but scarce. Not only will you discover pristine beaches but a whole array of diverse ecosystems, including mangroves, lagoons, and cenotes – all teeming with exotic wildlife.

Tulum national park ruins

Marvel at the well-preserved structures of the cliffside archaeological site, including the iconic El Castillo pyramid and the Temple of the Frescoes, adorned with intricate murals depicting Mayan deities.

Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey through Tulum’s gastronomic scene. From beachfront eateries to stylish restaurants, indulge in a fusion of flavors inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine and international influences.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional Mexican delicacies, such as cochinita pibil, a slow-roasted pork dish, or the refreshing aguas frescas made with tropical fruits.

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