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Cancun Travelers Have Just Been Given A Guarantee Of Safety From The Mexican Military

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The commitment to the security of travelers visiting Cancun has been publicly solidified by the commander of the Mexican military in the destination.

In a statement, the commander of the Cancun military garrison, Luis Valentín Iglesias Solórzano, sought to ensure travelers of his and the local military’s readiness.

Cancun Travelers Have Just Been Given A Guarantee Of Safety From The Mexican Military

Mexico Does Things Differently

It can sound alarming at first to hear the military giving statements about public security. In the United States, the military, apart from the National Guard and certain Naval/Air Force elements, are reserved for humanitarian relief and guard duties inside the country.

In Mexico, the story is a little different, here the military has taken a highly active role in national security.

The thinking behind this is that if the military takes on patrol and search duties, it frees up a huge wealth of law enforcement resources to focus on community policing.

Travelers who have been visiting Cancun for a while will be used to this difference, it’s not uncommon to see Mexican Soldiers and Marines patrolling the beaches and shopping districts while heavily armed.

With that being said, it’s completely understandable for travelers to feel anxious over this quirk of Mexican security.

But it’s important to remember that this is being done to secure the destination and also to deter any would-be criminals from operating in Cancun.

Military on mexican caribbean beach

Is The Relationship Working?

This is a question that doesn’t have an easy answer.

Cancun has seen a rise in crime rates in the past 3-4 years. Although to be fair, this is a picture seen across the world since the pandemic.

Admittedly, crime has an extra dimension in Mexico, one that no doubt all travelers are aware of. This extra layer of danger brings complications that other destinations don’t need to compete against.

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Military Soldier on a Beach in the Mexican Caribbean

Additionally, crime is relatively stable in Cancun. Several high-profile incidents have made the headlines in recent months, but they are far from the everyday norm and instead are incidents that even shock local residents.

Overall the use of the military to lighten the load on law enforcement is working for Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean. Although it is still to be seen what the long-term solution will be and if that includes the military.

Military Parole Cancun

Cancun Is Safe For Vacation

When booking a vacation, safety is always a concern. Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean don’t shy away from this issue, and the local government regularly releases statements on the current situation so that both travelers and the tourism industry have a clear picture.

This may be a side effect of the Mexican tendency towards honesty. Anyone who has spent enough time in Mexico will know that people here are honest, whether it’s telling you a pair of jeans are a little too tight for you or that you dance like a wooden pole screwed into the ground.

Military Officials Walking on a Busy Beach in Cancun

Equally, they don’t shy away from the problems in their country.

So back to the question….Is Cancun safe for a vacation?

Yes, it is safe. As safe as many American cities and safer than many of its rival destinations.

Travelers need to be aware of the potential issues they may face in Cancun, but overall, it’s highly unlikely that they will come into contact with petty crime, never mind crime of an organized nature.

Girl Sitting on a Cancun Beach with Military Guards in the Background

How To Stay Safe

The main way to stay safe in Cancun, and something that should be obvious to travelers, is to stay away from all narcotics. This single activity is what will put travelers in danger fastest and with the most certainly negative outcome.

Aside from that, there are several other situations for travelers to be aware of:

  • ATM theft – Never use on-street ATMs, always use those in resorts, banks, or malls. This type of predatory theft is common all over Mexico.
  • Beware of timeshares – Timeshare scams are common in Cancun. Although travelers should be aware, they have a legal 5-day cooling off period to cancel if they are caught out.
  • Fuel scam – If travelers rent a vehicle, always double check the card returned is yours, and ask for a receipt to check against the tank price.
  • The stranded tourist – A classic in Cancun, beware of other foreigners who claim to have been robbed and stranded. Some of these people are now decade-long veterans of this scam.
ATM inside a bank in Mexico

Common sense and a little cynicism are travelers’ best routes to having a trouble-free vacation in Cancun. Exercise the same caution as at home, and don’t forget to enjoy everything this amazing destination has to offer.

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Thursday 24th of August 2023

I forgot to mention..I've never actually seen the heavy military presence this article mentions, but will look out for it later this year. However, I have seen this type of presence in many other places (particularly Europe and South America for over 25 years), so this type of securoty does not shock me and it is only a matter of time before we see it in the US. Heck, in Chicago, the politicians are now asking the gangs to restrict their shootings to the evening hours! Look it up. Very sad to see, especially for us that have lived here our whole lives. There has never been a time like this before.


Thursday 24th of August 2023

Has anyone been to other coutnries anywhere else in the world? We act liek Mexico is the worst place to visit. Places like Brazil (Rio, Sao Paulo), Prague, Jamaica, Cape Town and even places like New Orrelans, Chicago (where I live) are just as bad or worse. I've been vacationing in Cancun annually for the past 10 years and have never had a single problem. I've heard of varius probelms and I belvie they are legit, but they can happen anywhere. I'v ebeen to the Cancun markeplaces, Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Playa de Carmen and other places around Cancun and as long as you are smart, careful , aware and follow the rules, you'll be fine. I do stay at resorts and they help do things safely while you are off the resort. So many places are far more dangerous today than they were even 5 years ago, and while anyone can get mugged almost anywhere, if you are smart and aware of your surroungs, odds are you will be fine. Mexico is a beautiful place with great people, beaches, food and culture. If you are afraid, don't go, but don't knock it util you try it!



Sunday 13th of August 2023

These comments are accurate for the Cancun region of Mexico. Who will police the police? The police work first for themselves, then second for the city, and third for the continued flow of money to their City. This is why they enlist the military to walk the beaches to give a sense of security to tourists. The police are careful know what they can get away with and will keep doing it.

Enjoy your vacation in Mexico but be very careful. Don't worry about the cartel they have no interest in harming you.

Joshua Cuetara

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

I was looking forward to visiting Mexico again, but now that they banned smoking tobacco, looks like I'll never be going to Mexico again. I smoke cigarettes. The money I guess they don't need my tourist income.


Sunday 13th of August 2023

@Joshua Cuetarathat is not true we just left Mexico , cancun a few days ago. I smoked anywhere as long as it was outside,

Never Mexico

Monday 31st of July 2023

These ppl shake tourist down! It happened to me and other ppl. All they want is your money. They stole my belongings gs from my bag, yes the policia steals and shake Americans down.