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The Mexican Caribbean Is Exploding In Popularity With Canadians Right Now — Here’s Why

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The Mexican Caribbean is only getting more and more popular, rebounding strongly from the pandemic and cementing its place as one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.

And while Americans have traditionally made up the biggest number of visitors, Canadians are showing they too want a slice of this Caribbean paradise.

In the first 4 months of 2023, the number of Canadian travelers choosing the Mexican Caribbean has increased by a whopping 68%.

So, with such impressive numbers, it’s only natural to wonder….

Why Are Canadians Choosing The Mexican Caribbean In Such High Numbers?

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Connectivity And Convenience

Probably one of the most obvious reasons for this boost, but by no means the only reason, is the superb connectivity Canada has to the Mexican Caribbean.

Apart from a few American cities, nowhere is more connected to Canada than Cancun International Airport.

Direct flights are available from the following Canadian airports:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Halifax
  • Winnipeg
  • Edmonton
  • Quebec
  • Kelowna

Furthermore, Canadians also have the option of flying from American border state airports, which opens up the possibility of finding even better deals on their flights to the Mexican Caribbean.

But most of all, the convenience of so many direct flights from almost every large population center in Canada means Cancun is a superb choice for Canadians.

Home From Home

While the Mexican Caribbean is bursting with local Mexican culture, sometimes travelers want nothing more than to mix with their fellow countrymen and share the experiences the Mexican Caribbean offers.

Canadians are the number 2 travelers to this part of the world in terms of sheer numbers, and in some areas of the Mexican Caribbean, they dominate the landscape.

For example, the endlessly popular destination of Tulum has a large Canadian expat population and draws in thousands of short-term Canadian travelers each year.

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Additionally, the famously sports-loving Canadians will find no problem watching their favorite team play while sipping on a cocktail in the Mexican Caribbean.

It’s never a mission to find a good bar to watch the game, especially in Playa del Carmen, where the Los Tabernacos Sports Bar and Lounge is situated. Affectionately known as the Canadian Bar, this spot is known to draw in a lot of Montrealers!

A Welcome Reputation

Canadians have a reputation the world over for being super polite, and while some may want to argue the finer details, especially after watching a few Canadian Hockey League games, most would agree it is a reputation well earned.

This positive international image is just as strong in the Mexican Caribbean, and the locals have an extremely welcoming attitude toward their North American neighbors.

The Reason Everyone Loves This Destination

While the above points contribute greatly to the popularity of the Mexican Caribbean among Canadians, the biggest factor is the same as what draws in American, British, as well as domestic tourists.

World-Class Resorts

The resorts throughout the Mexican Caribbean are some of the greatest in the world. This corner of the world has thrived on tourism for decades now, and the area knows just how important tourism is for its prosperity.

Over the years, this has translated into a constantly evolving and improving offering to travelers. Each new resort built tries with all its might to outdo the competition, and it isn’t uncommon to see established resorts close for several months to renovate and reinvent themselves to keep up with the competition.

All this is done with one thing in mind; To offer travelers the greatest experience possible and win their loyalty to return year after year.

And that is something that happens very often in the Mexican Caribbean; resorts that offer amazing service, food, amenities, and activities, are difficult not to fall in love with.

Additionally, the Mexican Caribbean isn’t just built on all-inclusive super-resorts. The destination also has a wealth of boutique hotels and luxurious villa rentals.

With so many choices and it being so difficult to pick a bad resort, it’s no wonder Canadians are choosing the Mexican Caribbean for their vacation in record numbers.

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