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Cancun Adding Extra Lifeguards To Keep Tourists Safe On Beaches

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Travelers visiting Cancun are receiving a huge boost to beach safety with the announcement that the number of lifeguards on the destination’s beaches will more than double compared with the current roster of full-time lifeguards.

This move comes in anticipation of one of Cancun’s busiest spring seasons and is an active reminder that the local authorities aren’t sleeping on traveler safety.

A view of the beach along the east coast of the cancun hotel zone

Multi-Departmental Protection

The usual 22 lifeguards run as part of the local tourism services will be bolstered with 10 new full-time members, 10 provided by the fire services lifeguard units, and additional Mexican Navy personnel.

It has become much more common for tourism destinations in Mexico, especially Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, to use a multi-departmental approach to better protect tourists.

This ability to link together multiple authorities in the pursuit of safety and security has made a huge difference to the experience of travelers in the period since the pandemic.

a lifeguard post on a sunny beach

Extended Hours Of Service

In addition to the extra lifeguard personnel, the hours of operation for this service will be extended during the spring vacation period.

Travelers will now receive protection from 9 am to 7 pm each day across the 11 most popular beaches in Cancun.

This includes Playa Delfines, seen as one of the riskier beaches in the destination, as well as one of the busiest.

On this beach, extra protection will be provided through the addition of mobile lifeguards on ATVs to better cover the area.

quad bike lifeguard

Consistent Improvements

Travelers may be wondering why the number of lifeguards is currently so low, and it is a question that has been asked for a while by both travelers and the tourism industry in the destination.

However, things have been improving. At the beginning of the current local government administration, the destination had just 13 lifeguards, a surprising number considering how popular and busy the beaches of Cancun are.

Playa Delfines, Also Known As Dolphin Beach, in Cancun, Mexico

While this increase is currently only intended as a temporary boost during the busy spring season, there is hope that this becomes and more regular occurrence during times when large numbers of travelers arrive to enjoy the destinations’ beaches.


Is It Safe To Swim?

Thankfully, the beaches of Cancun are very safe for swimming, although as with any coastal area, there are times when the sea becomes livelier, bringing strong currents and aggressive waves that can threaten swimmers’ safety.

Additionally, for the most part, travelers don’t need to worry about dangerous species of animals keeping swimmers out of the water. Further south in the Mexican Caribbean, there is sometimes an influx of jellyfish that can cause issues, although this is less common in Cancun.

Furthermore, while Cancun has experienced shark attacks in the past they are extremely rare, and the risk is very low to swimmers.

Bull Shark In Playa del Carmen Waters

Respect The Flag System

The easiest way travelers can stay safe on the beaches of Cancun is by learning, and respecting, the beach flag system.

The following are the beach flag colors, and what they mean:

Green – The water conditions are safe for swimming.

Yellow – Exercise caution due to rougher sea conditions.

Red – Dangerous conditions, reconsider swimming.

Black – Swimming is prohibited due to life-threatening conditions.

Red Flag on a Beach in Cancun with Tourists in the Background

Learning these basic flag colors can help travelers to stay safe. While extra lifeguards on the beaches is a huge boost to water safety, travelers can avoid ever needing their services by respecting this simple system.

Additionally, even when a green flag is in place, travelers should still enter the water with a cautious mind. Always swim with another person, when possible, if swimming alone stay close to the shoreline and avoid deeper waters.

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