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Tulum Deploys National Guard Troops To Beaches And Town To Help Protect Tourists

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The Mexican Caribbean, which includes destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, is generally considered one of the safer regions to visit in Mexico.   

Even though Tulum was mentioned in the most recent update from the U.S. consulate, it too is a safe destination.   

More than 2 million travelers visit Tulum every year.   

Now, the popular vacation destination just got a little bit safer, too, with the deployment of 200 National Guard troops to protect tourists visiting Tulum.   

Military Soldiers Patrolling a Beach in Tulum, Mexico

A Massive Operation To Improve Security 

The deployment of more than 200 troops, including members of the Army and National Guard, is a massive operation designed to improve security in Tulum.   

The troops are now part of a Regional Task Force tasked with preventing and deterring crime in the destination.   

This new group of military soldiers will protect both urban areas of the city and tourist areas and beaches.   

Military Vehicle Driving Down a Street in Tulum, Mexico

A Response To An Uptick In Crime 

The increase in security in Tulum is likely due to the uptick in crime seen in the popular destination.   

According to the Stoplight Crime Report for the state of Quintana Roo, crime in Tulum increased in January compared to November and December.   

The report shows that Tulum went from three red lights in November to six in December and seven in January.   

crime scene in mexico

Tulum’s Biggest Security Concerns 

The red lights in the crime report indicate an increase in several different types of crimes.   

They include things like home robberies, thefts from businesses, vehicle thefts, the dealing of drugs, and more.

It’s common to see this uptick in crime during the busier travel seasons, like winter and spring break, so it remains to be seen if this is the reason, or if there is a more persistent trend occurring.   

Either way, the increase in crime is being addressed with this new operation.   

tourist robbed

Why Tourists Are Generally Safe Despite Crime In Tulum 

Generally speaking, tourists are typically not often affected by much of the crime that takes place in Tulum.   

That’s not to say that no tourist is ever a victim of a crime when visiting the destination, but it is rare.   

If you practice the same safety steps you would when visiting any other popular tourist destination in the world, you should have no problem having a safe vacation.   

tulum town

Other Things Tulum Is Doing To Protect Tourists 

Deploying a large number of military troops is only one of the steps that Tulum is taking to improve security and protect visitors.   

The launching of a new high-tech C4 center in Tulum is underway as well.   

The Command, Control, Communication, and Computing Center will allow authorities to take a multifaceted approach to improving security in the destination.   

police officer quintana roo hq

What The U.S. Warning Says About Tulum 

In the most recent update from the U.S. State Department for travelers visiting Mexico, Tulum is mentioned, but officials are not telling travelers to avoid Tulum.   

Instead, they are just warning tourists to exercise caution when visiting the Mexican Caribbean hotspot.   

Some of the things that the warning mentions that travelers should be aware of are crime, drugs, unregulated alcohol, and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.   

Tourists on a Beautiful Beach in Tulum, Mexico

The Reason Millions Of Travelers Visit Tulum Every Year  

While crime in Tulum may be slightly on the rise, the situation isn’t so dire that It makes it not worth visiting.   

Millions of travelers visit Tulum every year, and hundreds of expats from the U.S. and Canada call the destination home.   

It’s the nature, Mayan ruins, beautiful beaches, friendly locals, amazing food, and laid-back vibe that draws so many to Tulum, and what makes it the amazing vacation destination that it is. 

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