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Isla Mujeres Announces Increased Military And Police Presence To Protect Tourists

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The security of Isla Mujeres has been given yet another boost after the previously announced Safe Summer 2023 operation officially began this past weekend.

With this small island exploding in popularity, the need for a more robust security apparatus is a no-brainer.

Thankfully, the approach to travelers’ safety has shifted in the past few years across the Mexican Caribbean to be proactive rather than reactive. And this latest initiative further confirms that the government here takes the safety of all visitors seriously.

Isla Mujeres Announces Increased Military And Police Presence To Protect Tourists

Increased Police/Military Support

A large increase in both police and military units on the island is one part of this latest initiative. A total of 32 extra full-time units have been provided to the island, this includes both police and Guardia Nacional (national guard) elements.

While Isla Mujeres is one of the safest destinations in all of Latin America, there have been several high-profile incidents in neighboring Cancun over the past 6 months that have got travelers questioning whether it’s still safe to visit.

These incidents rocked the tourism industry and have forced the local authorities in the Mexican Caribbean to up their game in terms of security.

Police car on beach

Coastal Safety Receives Boost

The Safe Summer 2023 operation doesn’t just focus on crime prevention on land, the secretary for the Navy in Mexico has also provided a huge amount of resources to protect the maritime areas around Isla Mujeres.

Two new rescue points have been strategically placed on the island, these rescue points will support the island’s lifeguards in the event that extra rescue personnel and resources are required.

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Mexican Navy troops deployed on a beach in Cancun

On top of this, a vessel of the Mexican Navy will provide 24/7 patrol duties around the island. This is a superb addition to security on Isla Mujeres.

With the island being so small, any criminal element that tries to operate here will have no escape, not by land or sea. In terms of deterrents, they don’t get much stronger than this.

A Mexican naval vessel

Support From The Air

Extra police, military, and naval patrols are one thing. But in the event that this isn’t enough to quickly resolve any incidents and locate the perpetrators, the island now has front-seat access to airborne surveillance.

Details have been kept scarce on exactly what this means, but the best guess is that one of the many police or military helicopters based in the area has been made available to the island security directors.

Mexican police helicopter in flight

Cleanliness Is Made A Priority

Security is of the utmost importance to Isla Mujeres, but so too is the health and well-being of the travelers who choose this stunning destination for their vacation.

A welcome 91 extra garbage and street-cleaning personnel have been provided to the island. They will focus on the collection of solid waste and maintaining the cleanliness of the whole destination.

Additionally, 81 extra personnel with a focus on beach cleaning have also been added to the roster. Their most basic duties will be garbage collection on Isla Mujeres’ beautiful beaches.

Worker cleaning up sargassum on a beach

As well as acting as extra clean-up personnel in the event that sargassum makes a return to the area. Sargassum has been a thorn in the side of the Mexican Caribbean for several years now, seriously affecting many travelers’ ability to enjoy a beach vacation.

Huge progress has been made this year on that front, with sea barriers, sargassum diverting vessels, as well as hard-working cleaning units that quickly clean up whatever makes landfall in this destination.

With an extra 81 personnel added to these cleaning teams, it’s hoped that any sargassum that does land will be gone as fast as it arrives.

Isla Mujeres Beach

No Cause For Alarm

As mentioned before, the Mexican Caribbean is working hard to be proactive on traveler security. This huge increase in security personnel can look intimidating, but travelers should recognize that this initiative is done with the intent to make the destination completely unattractive to any would-be criminals.

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