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Cancun Hotel Zone Sees Huge Boost In Safety Thanks To This New Initiative

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The endlessly popular Hotel Zone in Cancun is receiving a huge boost in security this summer, with the confirmation that the recent increase in security personnel, which includes 250 patrol units, will continue at least to the end of the summer season.

On top of this increase in security personnel, Cancun’s now widespread surveillance network of security cameras will coordinate with these personnel to create an even safer environment for travelers to enjoy.

Cancun Hotel Zone Sees Huge Boost In Safety Thanks To This New Initiative

Three Forms Of Protection

The 250 extra security personnel that are now committed to the constant protection of the Hotel Zone includes elements from the Guardia Nacional (national guard), Quintana Roo state police, and Cancun tourist police.

As a combined force, they offer protection at every level for travelers, with each taking on separate responsibilities that cover every eventuality.

C5 security surveillance command center in Cancun

Tourism Police

The main role of the tourism police, which they will continue to cover in this new initiative, is as a first point of contact for travelers.

With a solid understanding of English, they can make the communication process for travelers with law enforcement smooth and without issue.

On top of this, they deal with minor grievances and public disturbances that may affect a traveler’s ability to relax while on vacation.

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tourist police mexico

Quintana Roo State Police

In Mexico, the state police play a hugely important role, one they will continue to provide while patrolling the iconic Hotel Zone.

If travelers are subject to or witness to crimes including robbery, the dealing of narcotics, or physical assaults, amongst others, then it is the duty of the state police to respond and deal with these incidents.

It should be noted, as the state police often deal with more menacing forms of crime, they are regularly backed up by elements of the Guardia Nacional/military.

Police Truck Monitoring the Streets of Cancun

Guardia Nacional

Long-time travelers to Cancun may have noticed over the last several years that the famous federales (federal police) are no longer seen on the streets of Mexico.

This is because there was a reorganization of law enforcement in Mexico in 2019 that saw the federal police, military police, and naval police rolled into what is now called the Guardia Nacional (national guard).

Not to be confused with the functions and role of the National Guard of the United States, they function as a federal Gendarmería, similar to the famous French Gendarmería.

national guard on beach

In other words, they are a highly-trained, military-level law enforcement department that deals with the very highest level of crime within Mexico’s borders.

It’s no secret that Mexico has struggled over the years with high-level crime, and in the drive to exclude this type of criminal enterprise from tourism destinations, the Guardia Nacional has taken a very active role in the protection of these areas.

While the tourism police act as a friendly contact in milder situations, and the state police respond to more everyday and mid-level crimes, the Guardia Nacional is the vanguard of protection for travelers in Cancun.

national guard beach

Why The Huge Increase?

This increase in security personnel may at first make travelers a little anxious, but it is just a small part of a huge drive across the state of Quintana Roo to protect visitors and, at the same time, return to the area’s safe image.

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in crime across the state, which is not surprising considering the same has been seen the world over since the pandemic.

While the exact causes and reasons are better left to politicians and sociologists to argue over, the response from the state government and law enforcement elements has been swift and widespread.

Police officer guards a crime scene cordon

There used to be a philosophy of reactive policing in this corner of Mexico; if something negative happened, the next day, new officers would be deployed there.

A not uncommon approach to policing, but at the same time, not the most effective.

Now though, policing and security have switched to a proactive stance. Instead of waiting for incidents to react, across the state, preventative policing is being used to discourage acts of conflict and crime from happening in the first place.

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