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No Sargassum And Fewer Visitors Make This Mexican Caribbean Beach The Best For Travelers Right Now

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The Mexican Caribbean normally has no shortage of outstanding beaches to soak up the sun and sip an endless supply of mimosas. But the specter of sargassum has played havoc with this simple pleasure over the past few years.

Thankfully, this sargassum season has been a lot less intruding than previous years, a result of serious investment and fast action from the authorities, as well as the beachfront resorts, to prevent travelers’ vacations from being impacted.

No Sargassum And Fewer Visitors Make This Mexican Caribbean Beach The Best For Travelers Right Now

With that being said, even with less sargassum making landfall on the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, it hasn’t been prevented completely.

Even a small amount of sargassum can negatively impact a beach day. Visually, it ruins the normally pristine white sand and crystal-clear water aesthetic. On top of that, the potential for it to produce an offensive smell if left to rot is guaranteed to put a dampener on even the most upbeat traveler’s day.

It’s fantastic news then for travelers visiting Playa del Carmen, with one of its most popular and most beautiful beaches being declared sargassum-free.

Punta Esmeralda beach in playa del carmen

Punta Esmeralda

Considered to be a heavily under-appreciated gem in Playa del Carmen’s crown, Punta Esmeralda should be on every traveler’s must-do list when visiting the destination.

Despite being just a short walk north along the sand from the super-famous Playa Paraiso, this beach gets a lot less love.

And it isn’t for any dramatic reason; the thinking most often associated with why it doesn’t receive as many travelers, despite its ideal location and superb cleanliness, is that the lack of high-energy beach clubs and bars has left it in Playa Paraiso’s shadow.

In fact, many consider Punta Esmeralda to be the most beautiful beach in all of the Mexican Caribbean, a claim that is subjective according to each traveler’s preference, of course, but hard to deny thanks to the unique coloring of the water here.

This stunning addition to the surroundings is caused by an accident of nature. Just next to the beachfront, there is a small but enchanting cenote that flows into the sea, mixing salt water and fresh water to create a feast for the eyes.

The Perfect Family Choice

As mentioned before, Punta Esmeralda has a very different vibe in comparison to its more famous neighbors to the south. While the loss of music pumping from beach clubs can be a negative for some, it means this stretch of sand is very family-friendly.

The party isn’t only flowing during spring break in Playa del Carmen, so if travelers do find other beaches a little too lively, the short walk to Punta Esmeralda is the perfect remedy.

Space To Relax

The Mexican Caribbean is getting busier each year, a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down. And while this is great for the businesses and tourism industry, it does mean the place can feel more crowded at times.

Currently, Punta Esmeralda is as uncrowded and tranquil as ever, but that could change as the seasons pass. After all, hidden gems rarely stay hidden forever.

But travelers heading to Playa del Carmen this coming season will find this beach still offers space to relax.

punta esmeralda beach pool trees

Far From Boring

Despite its reputation for being calm and uncrowded, Punta Esmeralda isn’t without adventure.

The water is perfect for swimming, with the sea bed remaining relatively shallow for a good distance from the beach. On top of this, there are kayak and SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) rental kiosks for travelers who would like to explore the coastline’s beauty from a new angle.

Playa Esmeralda waterside

Furthermore, while travelers won’t get any spring break flashbacks while relaxing here, there are still many well-priced and inviting bars and restaurants to pick up refreshments.

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