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Why Tulum Is Growing Safer Every Day For Travelers

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The undeniably world-famous destination of Tulum has been making headlines repeatedly over the past few months and for all the right reasons.

After a worrying rise in crime over the past 3 years, a trend seen the world over in recent years, the destination has been moving in the right direction recently.

Why Tulum Is Growing Safer Every Day For Travelers

New Leadership

One of the biggest changes in the attitude of the Tulum authorities has no doubt come from the recent appointment of Diego Castañón, the municipal President (Mayor) of Tulum.

Normally, local politics is irrelevant to travelers, but the huge effect being felt across Tulum under this new leadership has been a great positive for travelers’ confidence where safety and security are concerned.

Crime has dropped within the short first 6 months of his term as municipal President, an achievement that helps confirm Tulum as a truly fantastic destination.

On top of this the continued investment from the local government in law enforcement, which includes better salaries for officers, huge additions of new vehicles and technology, as well as an extensive security camera installation project across the destination, have all helped to restore traveler confidence.

A happy couple walking on a beach drinking from coconuts

Safe From More Than Just Crime

Naturally, when travelers hear the claim “safer every day” the immediate thought is solely about crime.

And while that is of course at the top of the list, it’s far from the only aspect of Tulum that has improved in recent months to affect traveler safety in a positive way.

Travelers in Tulum photographing a huge sculpture doorway installation

Leading The Fight Against Sargassum

Sargassum has been front and center of a lot of Tulum’s recent news; the foul-smelling algae has been getting worse across the Caribbean year-on-year.

While in the water sargassum is relatively harmless, but after making landfall it begins to rot, producing a stomach-churning smell. That smell is hydrogen sulfide, easily recognizable by its similar odor to rotting eggs.

Sargassum catching barriers

But this is more than just a natural ‘stink bomb’ knock-off; these gasses can be harmful to the health of people who breathe in too much.

On top of this, it is known to also be home to tiny sea creatures that can cause severe itching and rashes, so even in its safe state, it is far from a minor issue.

With that being said, across the Caribbean, Tulum has led the way in combating this unwelcome beach guest, investing massively in at-sea barrier technology, sargassum removal vessels, as well as a small army of beach cleaners who ensure it is removed well before it becomes a hazard to travelers’ health.

A local cleaner removing sargassum from a beach

Serious About Sanitation

It isn’t just the beaches that have been targeted to improve the safety of travelers, across the destination of Tulum huge steps have been taken to improve all forms of sanitation.

This includes better-controlled food vendor inspections, increases in garbage collection, and a variety of public clean-up operations that all help make Tulum cleaner and safer.

A small and clean seaside stone pier with sun loungers in Tulum

Planning For Every Scenario

Crime is dropping, and Tulum is cleaner than ever; both fantastic pluses to an already loved destination, but that isn’t where the positives end.

From Mexico City right down to the Mexican Caribbean, both hurricanes and earthquakes are a real, albeit rare, possibility.

In the situation where either of these forces of nature strike, organization, and a well-planned emergency response can make all the difference between them being minor short-term inconveniences or life-threatening events.

Hurricane wind beach

This is why the recent emergency drill conducted in the destination has added even more confidence to the already improving situation.

The fact local government is taking this possibility seriously and ensuring the right response is already planned out and ready to jump into action shows a forward-thinking approach to the safety of every traveler who visits.

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