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Why Cancun Is The Best Destination In Mexico For This Growing Travel Trend

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Over the past few years, the trend of combining a beach vacation in Cancun with medical procedures has been growing at a super-fast rate.

On average 25-30 thousand travelers arrive each month at the destination for procedures including life-saving treatments, experimental treatments not available in the U.S., as well as for elective procedures such as high-quality cosmetic dentistry.

In fact, this is becoming such a hugely popular reason to visit the Mexican Caribbean that the local authorities are even getting involved to help as many travelers as possible know about this fantastic option that’s on the table.

A beach in cancun on a sunny day

No Concessions On Care

Mexico overall hasn’t always received the greatest PR internationally, and it has led to many travelers having a distorted view of the standard of services in the nation, including healthcare.

In that respect, it’s important to state that Mexico, and the super-destination of Cancun especially, has fantastic medical facilities and medical professionals.

Many of the private medical practices in Cancun wouldn’t look out of place in Los Angeles, with the latest in medical technology, highly trained and fully qualified doctors, nurses, and after-care specialists, the whole environment here is far from a downgrade.

Doctor consults with patient

On top of this, the medical facilities in Cancun put a big emphasis on hiring multi-lingual doctors who are able to communicate clearly with travelers in their own language, and in the rare occasion that isn’t possible, medical translators can be provided to ensure clear communication.

For anyone worried about having to make concessions on the level of care they will receive, it’s only fair to mention why Cancun’s popularity for medical tourism has exploded so much in recent years; The level of care is fantastic.

A doctor shaking a patients hand

Across the internet there are accounts of the medical staff in the destination being just as warm, friendly, and accommodating as the rest of the locals in Cancun.

This positive and welcoming attitude is one of the reasons Cancun grew into the world-beating destination it is, and it’s only natural that would extend to the level of care in the medical industry.

The Most Popular Procedures

While the list of procedures available would need a medical textbook-sized article to list, there are some more popular than others.

Cancun has won a sterling reputation among medical tourists for plastic surgery, dentistry, weight-loss surgery, and fertility treatments.

On top of this, many are choosing to have more pressing medical concerns addressed here, thanks to the promise of a much more bank balance-friendly final bill.

A dentist with a patient

The Big Selling Point

The idea of becoming a medical tourist can be anxiety-inducing for many. It’s no small step to make the decision to board a flight to a foreign country and put your health in the hands of a system you aren’t familiar with.

However, as a concern, this is quickly getting stripped away as droves of travelers return to the U.S. with stories of positive experiences in the Cancun private medical system. But even still, to make the leap there needs to be a big selling point, and Cancun has one of the biggest.

Cancun Hotel Zone view from resort

Huge Cost Savings

The difference in costs between medical procedures in Cancun and the U.S. is nearly as big as the Gulf of Mexico.

It can be difficult to give accurate comparisons, as treatments are often very individual and pricing reflects that.

But one of the easiest comparisons to make would be in the field of dentistry. For example, in Los Angeles, a simple teeth whitening procedure can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, or even higher in some practices.

100 dollar

For the same procedure in Cancun travelers can expect to pay between just $150 to $300.

Another comparison, of a more complex procedure, is dental veneers/crowns. Again, in Los Angeles the price can hit the pocket hard, ranging from $1000-$3000 per tooth.

While down in the Caribbean paradise of Cancun this procedure is commonly quoted at between $350-$700 per tooth. A huge saving, especially if multiple veneers/crowns are required.

A man viewing his new veneers in a mirror

Even Costs, Different Experiences

While a trip to Cancun for a medical procedure is cheaper, travelers also need to factor in flights, accommodation, and spending money.

By the end, the cost may not be hugely different, although travelers can still expect at least a small saving.

The real difference comes in the experience, on the one hand, travelers can pay full price and be home in a short car ride, and right back to reality. Or, travelers can finish their procedure and head down to one of Cancun’s beautiful beaches to recover in the sun, with the relaxing sounds of the Caribbean Sea just a few feet away.

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