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Why Cancun Tourists Can Expect Better Taxi Service In 2024 

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Taxi drivers in Cancun don’t necessarily have the greatest reputation, but the majority of them are friendly and efficient at their jobs.   

Still, the ones that don’t provide the greatest service are the ones that give tourists a bad image of taxi services overall in Cancun.   

Fortunately, a few steps are being taken to improve service for visitors, which is why Cancun tourists can expect better taxi service in 2024.   

Let’s take a look at some of the changes being made. 

Older Taxi Driving Down the Street in Cancun, Mexico

Taxi Vehicles In Cancun 

If you’ve ever taken a taxi in Cancun, you may have noticed that many of the vehicles that they use are outdated and in disrepair.   

In fact, according to the Institute of Mobility of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo), as many as 40 percent of the vehicles being used by taxi drivers shouldn’t be on the streets at all.   

The Director of Imoveqroo, Rodrigo Alcazar, commented that “There are approximately 3,000 units that are more than 10 years old, and that register should no longer exist,” and that that number “represents approximately 40 percent of the taxis that circulate in Cancun.” 

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Changes In Vehicles That Can Be Used 

Under the new rules that will be enforced starting next year, there will be two restrictions on vehicles that can be used for taxi services.   

The first is that vehicles must not be older than the year 2000.   

The second is that vehicles must be in good repair.   

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What Officials Are Doing To Weed Out Bad Vehicles 

Older vehicles and vehicles in disrepair were already supposed to be starting to be weeded out since January of this year.   

According to Imoveqroo, their warnings have essentially been ignored, but officials are cracking down on the situation starting in 2024.   

In order to ensure that such vehicles will be put out of commission, the Institute of Mobility will be performing an operation to locate the vehicles and have them taken off the road.   

Old Taxi on a Street in Cancun, Mexico

The New Agreement Between Taxi Drivers And Uber 

Another new development that is going to help improve taxi service in Cancun in the coming year is a new agreement between taxi drivers and Uber.   

This agreement may come as a surprise if you’ve been following the news over the last year, as Cancun taxi drivers have been embroiled in a battle with Uber drivers for months.   

Now it seems that the two will essentially be one and the same.   

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How The New Agreement Will Improve Service 

Now that taxi drivers will be offering services through the Uber app there are several improvements we might see.   

Wait times should improve because the app uses GPS to locate the nearest drive to you.   

Additionally, service and rates should improve because there’s more competition.   

Taxis Lined Up in Cancun, Mexico in the Hotel Zone

Officials Cracking Down On Aggressive Taxi Drivers 

Over the last year, there have been multiple reports of taxi driver aggression towards passengers and Uber drivers.   

This is something officials have already been addressing by suspending licenses and sanctioning taxi drivers in other ways.   

This, combined with the other developments, should work together to improve service overall considerably.   

Cancun Taxi Driver Arguing in the Street

Taxi Rate Increase Not Authorized In Cancun This Year 

Taxi rates are currently pretty high, with a ride from the airport to the Hotel Zone going for as much as $65.   

While that rate is already too high, at least you can expect it to not go up for the time being, as a rate hike has not been approved.   

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even see rates go down now that Cancun taxi drivers are offering service through Uber.

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Robert T

Friday 29th of December 2023

Wait. So they talk about taxis more than 10 years old, then state they can’t be from before 2000. So 24 years old is ok? They should be inspected yearly. Every one. They should have a set rate per KM and a meter. This regions taxi’s are legal crooks. Besides suspension of license, if they are involved in a physical altercation, A very heavy fine should be levied against the union. That money could go towards training or education


Saturday 30th of December 2023

The taxi rate is criminal. $60 for a 15 min ride??