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Cancun Police To Wear Bodycams To Protect Tourists

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In a huge move to further prioritize traveler safety in Cancun, the authorities have announced another huge investment in police equipment, as well as a boost to patrols in the destination.

The most anticipated equipment being delivered is the new state-of-the-art bodycams that officers will be wearing. With the addition of this tech, it’s hoped that the overall standard of policing will be raised thanks to the bodycams creating an environment of oversight for the full duration of an officer’s shift.

A view of the hotel zone in cancun from the air

Ensuring Respect Of Traveler’s Rights

While the police in Cancun and the wider state of Quintana Roo enjoy a much better reputation than some of their colleagues in other states, there are still trust issues between travelers and locals towards the police.

This weary belief in the police’s ability to carry out their duties stems from a historical distrust and one that the current political administration in Cancun has been working tirelessly to correct.

In that respect, the addition of bodycams is a crucial step in rehabilitating the view of law enforcement in the destination. Transparency and accountability haven’t always been seen as important aspects of policing here, and the recent change of attitude from authorities regarding those two hugely important points is as welcome among travelers as it is with locals.

a piece of wearable bodycam technology

Things Are Getting Better After Getting Worse

Cancun unfortunately became a victim of a so far unexplained worldwide phenomenon post-pandemic. In tourism destinations, as well as in previously super-safe non-touristic cities, across the world petty crime became a bigger issue than before the pandemic and lockdowns.

And while some destinations have been slow to course correct, Cancun has taken a hyper-responsive approach to the issue in the form of a complete reimagining of law enforcement, as well as an ongoing modernization program that shows no signs of slowing down.

cancun police on an atv

Safety Reaching New Highs

The huge reduction in crime across the state of Quintana Roo is good news for everybody, from travelers to local businesses; the negative effect of criminal events was beginning to take its toll on the destination’s decades-long reputation it has held as a vacation paradise.

Cancun isn’t crime-free of course, and it likely never will be. Even in the most secure and peaceful cities of the world there are still issues to overcome. But, the trend of safety in Cancun is getting more and more positive by the day.

For example, in the early months of 2023, there was a spate of very high-profile incidents, some of which took place right in the heart of the hotel zone. This unexpected rise in crime seems to have been the last straw for local authorities and kickstarted the journey to where Cancun is now.

And it isn’t just Cancun seeing improvements; the state of Quintana Roo has been working hard to keep in step with the super-destination of Cancun and has mirrored many of the new initiatives seen in the state capital.

Police and Narcotics Dog Patrolling

Always Stack The Deck In Your Favor

While the responsibility to provide a safe and secure destination lays 100% on the local authorities, travelers should also take some small steps to help stack the deck in their favor.

Below is a short but powerful checklist for travelers to help guarantee a positive vacation experience:

a couple relaxing on a cancun beach

Choose Wisely

Accommodation is, without doubt, the biggest cost of a Cancun vacation and one that can decide just how secure the experience is.

Across the hotel zone, security is super tight, with police constantly patrolling the area to act as a strong deterrent. On top of this, all the resorts in the hotel zone have high-level security systems and personnel in place to add an extra layer of security.

While extremely budget-friendly accommodations can be found in the center of Cancun, the savings do come with a trade-off regarding security.

Aerial View of Resorts in the Cancun Hotel Zone

Never Travel Alone

The old saying “safety in numbers” holds just as true today as ever. The biggest threat to travelers is petty theft. Although uncommon compared to big cities like London or Paris, it’s still something to take steps to avoid.

Moving around in a group of travelers, or even just as a couple, greatly reduces the likelihood of being a victim of petty crime.

Stay Informed

The local Cancun news outlets, including here at The Cancun Sun, work hard to keep travelers informed of any situation that may affect visitors to the destination.

It’s easier than ever for travelers to protect themselves from new developments by keeping an eye on things happening in the destination both before and during the vacation.

Cancun hotel zone at night

Be Aware

Everyone goes on vacation to relax, but the same basic level of situational awareness we all employ in our everyday lives is just as important while on vacation.

The balance between carefree and alert can be a difficult one to strike, but maintaining street smarts while abroad is a superpower when it comes to enjoying a problem-free vacation.

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Thursday 23rd of November 2023

The cops do not have the cameras on in Playa Del Carmen.