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Popular Playa Del Carmen Attractions Introduce Fines For Rule Breakers 

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As the winter season begins in the Mexican Caribbean, one popular destination that is expecting high tourist occupancy levels is Playa del Carmen.

Known for its year-round sensational weather, great all-inclusive accommodation options, and some of the prettiest beach locations in the region, Playa del Carmen is seeing more and more people pick it as their vacation destination of choice this year. 

famous playa del carmen statue on beach with busy tourists

Of course, this is wonderful news for the area, with local businesses seeing higher bookings and reservations than ever before, as well as more government spending on ‘beautifying’ popular tourist areas like beaches and environmental attractions as a priority. 

One of the most popular activities for visitors coming to the Mexican Caribbean is visiting the endless number of cenotes on offer littered throughout the region. 

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These natural sinkholes are usually filled with some of the most crystal clear waters you’ll ever see, and were once in use as far back as ancient Mayan times, when used for ceremonial practices while believing they were gateways to the underworld. 

Now they are a perfect place to visit as a day trip, where you can explore and swim the day all day long, as well as take some pretty cool photos!

Polluted Cenotes in Playa Del Carmen

With higher numbers of visitors in a controlled area comes some problems that have an effect on sustainability standards, one such being that sites can become not well looked after and ‘ruined’ when inundated with people. 

There are currently at least 40 cenotes that have been reported to have contaminated water, which is not only bad news for the fragile ecosystems that live in and around the area, with many usually in high percentage flora and fauna areas, but also for tourists who may experience getting unwell if they were to ingest any of the water. 

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If this issue was left un-tackled by authorities, the chances of disease spreading from swimming in the cenotes could become greater. 

The contamination of the water can be put down to a great many things, such as simply being overused by tourists, as well people disposing of their trash such as plastics, food waste, and even sanitary products in incorrect places, which all have a knock-on effect on these natural sites.

Fines For Rule Breakers

This week saw the Regulation for the Prevention and Control of Water and Pollution of Solidarity come into force, which will bring in fines of up to 5000 pesos for any person who disrespects and pollutes these ancient zones. 

It comes into effect as the number of complaints about pollution grew too big to be ignored, bringing sustainability efforts to the forefront for the government and allowing for regulations of economic activities that use water to be brought into place. 

The Sun Shining Through to Ik Kil Cenote Near Cancun

With the threat of quite substantial fines for anyone caught polluting the cenotes, it is believed there will be a noticeable decrease in contamination, bringing back the original beauty of these popular sites. 

Some cenotes have seen such a decrease in standards that there are calls for them to be permanently closed to tourists, such as Puerto Maya in Playa del Carmen, where waste and trash disposal has gotten so out of hand that its natural beauty has been completely ruined, despite its residents’ efforts.

Hopefully, with the new fines that are being brought in via law, Puerto Maya and other popular cenotes can return to their once-former glory. 

cenote location in playa del carmen

Some Popular Cenotes To Try

Cenote Azul

One of the most unique cenotes in the area, as well as the most popular, Cenote Azul is located about 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen and offers an open-air swimming sinkhole surrounded by incredible jungle terrain that truly makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

With flora and fauna all around, as well as a cliff that is perfect for jumping from, this cenote will quickly become one of your favorites you’ve ever been to. 

Cenote Azul in the jungle aerial view. People swim in clear water in a cenote that is in the jungle. Top view.

Cenote Ik Kil

A bit further away than Cenote Azul, this breathtaking cenote is located near the infamous ruins of Chichén Itzá and offers another open-air sinkhole surrounded by cliff walls that are decorated by the brightest greenery you’ll see within the Riviera Maya.

With a natural skylight that allows the sun to shine down above you whilst you swim, this totally unique landscape is a popular favorite among tourists and costs you a mere $5 to enter.

Casa Cenote

In between Playa del Carmen and Tulum lies Casa Cenote, which is once again a completely open-air sinkhole that has…you guessed it…beautiful turquoise blue waters and lush greenery which connects to the jungle that surrounds it, and is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and even paddle boarding!

view of a cenote from underwater

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People have no respect for wonders of the world ! STOP throwing ur trash everywhere you are not privileged clean ur mess up!! I was in Cancun and people left all their beer bottles, wine bottles, glassware right on the beach, fines should be higher, it might help to have trash cans near the entrances to the beach!