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4 Things To Consider Before Taking An Uber In Cancun Right Now 

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A judge announced in January that Uber could legally operate in Cancun without the same licenses and permits that taxi drivers must have.   

Since then, it has been a long road with no destination in sight for Uber drivers in the tourist destination.   

Taxi drivers have organized blockades, threatened Uber drivers, and even attacked Uber vehicles, sometimes with tourists aboard.   

So, although Uber is technically able to operate legally, there are 4 things you might want to consider before taking an Uber in Cancun right now. But first, it will be helpful to understand a bit of background around why thins have ended up where they are:

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Uber In Cancun In The Beginning  

Uber has been trying to get into the transportation game in Cancun since 2016.   

Uber drivers served more than 300,000 people in the area between 2016 and 2017.   

During that year, though, drivers for the company faced so much opposition that they stopped offering services in Cancun.   

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Uber In Cancun In Recent Years 

It wasn’t until 2019 that the company filed an Amparo seeking protection from the law.   

The company began operations in the city again when it was ruled that it was a private company and did not have to meet the same requirements as taxi drivers.   

Then in January of 2023, the Amparo was approved, giving the company the legal okay to continue operating.   

But consider the following things before deciding if an Uber in Cancun is the right choice for you:

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1) Ubers Have Been Attacked, But No Tourists Have Been Seriously Injured 

You have probably heard stories in the news about taxi drivers attacking Uber vehicles and/or drivers.   

You may have even heard the warning from the U.S. State Department about the situation.   

But despite the fact that some of these stories are true, there have been no reported serious injuries of tourists resulting from these attacks.   

There have, however, been some serious delays in getting around caused by taxi drivers that have affected tourists.   

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2) Ubers Cannot Legally Pick You Up From The Airport 

Although Uber can technically legally operate in Cancun, drivers still cannot legally operate at Cancun International Airport.   

This means you cannot be picked up at the airport, but, and this is where it gets a little tricky, they can drop you off at the airport.   

Many Uber drivers will still avoid the airport either way, though, because they don’t want to deal with the animosity from taxi drivers.  

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3) There Could Be A Taxi Blockade  

There have already been a couple of blockades organized by taxi drivers this year, so the possibility you’ll face one while visiting is there.   

The best thing to do if you’re in a vehicle that can’t pass due to a blockade is to avoid any confrontation and wait for authorities to arrive.   

If you’re close enough to your destination that you can get out and walk you can, but be careful and don’t get involved in the conflict.   

If the blockade is going to cause you to miss your flight, contact the airline immediately. 

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4) There Are Alternatives To Uber 

Fortunately, if you have decided to simply avoid Ubers and taxis altogether, there are other options.   

Shuttles and buses are available and are generally your least expensive option.   

Another option is private transportation, and while it may be a bit pricier, it’s more comfortable, it’s safer, and you can book it in advance and have your driver waiting at your pick-up location.   

Private transportation to and from the airport in a luxury vehicle like an Escalade will run you around $150 one way.   

A private shuttle will cost between about $40-$50. 

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To Uber Or Not To Uber  

The decision is completely up to you, but plenty of Cancun tourists have used Uber without incident.   

If you do decide to use Uber, set your pickup location away from taxi waiting areas, and if possible, sit in the front seat so you don’t look like you’re in a rideshare.   

And if you don’t want to use Uber, there are other options for you.

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