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5 Exciting Water Excursions In Isla Mujeres

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The Mexican Caribbean has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. The pristine white sand and turquoise waters have given these shorelines something to brag about. Here are 5 exciting water excursions to enjoy in the glorious waters of Isla Mujeres.

When exploring one of the many wonders of the waters here it is very important that we protect those wonders around us.

Wearing normal sunscreen (which has a number of harsh chemicals) while swimming these waters can alter the ecosystem and has begun to negatively impact the health of the coral reefs and marine life. In recent tests and studies they have found approximately 200 tons of sunscreen in the reefs of the Mexican Caribbean. So please, the next time you are swimming in this paradise, if you have to use sunscreen – please wear biodegradable reef safe sunscreen. It’s our job to help keep the marine life and environment clean and safe!

Private Fishing Tour

Head out on a private boat with experienced local fishermen and try to catch fish like Barracudas, Snappers, Marlin, Groupers, Bonitos and more – it varies by season. There are many boats for hire like this one. Bring your own cooler and even your kids if you prefer for an incredible 4 hour fishing experience on the Mexican Caribbean waters. Enjoy some of what you catch on board or bring the fish to one of the local restaurants, and for a small fee they will prepare your feast for you! (Ask your boat crew who they recommend!)

Visit Garrafon Natural Reef Park

Rated #22 out of 64 water excursions in the area, Garrafon Natural Reef Park has something for the whole family to enjoy. From swimming to kayaking, zip lining and more – This place will quickly become a family favorite.
It is recommended to bring the following with you when you visit:
-Your own towel
-Biodegradable sunscreen
-Dry Clothes
-Sandals or water shoes
-Cash for snacks and shopping

Wing Diving

“Fly like a bird underwater” as they say with this very unique diving experience. You have control over making this excursion as extreme or as tame as you’d like, with you operating the wing board yourself you go at your own pace. Go as fast (or as spinny as you’d like!) There is a very high probability of seeing fish, sea turtles and maybe even some dolphins!  

Cenote scuba diving, underwater cave in Mexico

Swim with Whale Sharks

Considered a gentle giant – these massive fish are quite timid and harmless.
When taking a private tour with a company like this one, you are in good experienced hands. You’ll take a 50 minute boat ride towards the feeding grounds for the whale sharks and then spend 2.5 hours snorkeling and swimming with your new fishy friends, followed by snacks with your crew.

Explore MUSA – The underwater museum

MUSA is the largest underwater museum in the world – with their 473 sculptures at 8m underwater, it is considered the best place to dive in Isla Mujeres! These statues were created to replace the coral reefs that have been damaged or died over time in order to provide a second habitat for the biodiversity that inhabits the seabed. If diving isn’t in your strong suit – you can rent a glass bottom boat to experience this cool place from above water.

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