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5 Things Tourists Should Know As Cancun Airport Is Busier Than Ever

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Now that Tulum International Airport is open for nonstop international flights from the United States, many people were wondering what would happen to the airport in Cancun.

The answer is now coming into focus: the airport has experienced a peak travel season in the current spring holiday travel period.

The good news is that even with Tulum’s airport open for direct flights, Cancun International Airport is busier than ever.

In fact, during the spring holiday period, the airport actually approached its record of 700 flights in one single day.

View Inside Terminal 4 at Cancun International Airport

Because of this, passengers using Cancun International Airport must be prepared for long lines and plenty of fellow tourists.

However, here are five tips to streamline the traveler experience and make boarding a flight a breeze.

Check-in Online

The first tip travelers can do even before even getting to the airport.

That means checking in online and having an electronic boarding pass, or a paper version, before arriving at Cancun International Airport.

This can be done by downloading the airline app, or accessing the airline’s website, and using the check-in function while in a hotel room or even while enjoying a cool drink at the pool.

Busy Cancun Airport

Often, check-in can be done 24-48 hours in advance.

Travelers may want to set a reminder on their phone so that they finish this step in advance.

Arrive Earlier at the Airport

Even after checking in online, travelers will still want to arrive at the airport plenty of time before the flight.

Because the airport is so busy, traffic delays are occurring around the terminal, and locating the right places to go can be a challenge for new travelers using Cancun International Airport.

Tourists Waiting to Be Picked Up at Cancun Airport

Most airlines recommend travelers arrive at Cancun airport about three hours before their international flight.

Allow More Time to Check In

For those that did not check in online, or were unable to due to international travel requirements, will need to wait in a line at the airline counter to complete the check-in process.

Rushing to the airport and being greeted by a long line at the airline counter is one Cancun experience travelers would like to avoid.

Busy Cancun Airport Filled With Tourists

Anticipating long lines at the counter and allowing more time for the counter check-in process will definitely make the experience much more pleasant for Cancun visitors.

Utilize Kiosks

Cancun International Airport has deployed a number of handy kiosks around the airport that will let travelers handle standard check-in processes without waiting at the counter.

Some airlines allow passengers in Cancun to use the kiosks to enter passport information, print boarding passes, select seat assignments, and even print baggage tags all in one place.

Tourists Using the Kiosks at Cancun International Airport

This can definitely save time for passengers and there are often representatives nearby that can assist with the process if needed.

Be Prepared at Security

The last step is security screening, and here are some tips to help streamline this process as well.

Travelers should be sure to have travel documents in hand when approaching security, with the identification page and boarding pass ready for presentation.

Security check-in at the airport

Additionally, including all items that could set off the metal detector in a carry-on bag in advance will help speed up the security process.

Coping With a Busier Cancun Airport

Even with the opening of the new Tulum airport, Cancun International Airport is busier than ever, and taking some steps in advance can really make the process easier for travelers enjoying a vacation getaway to the Mexican Caribbean.

Do you have some additional airport tips for visitors heading to or leaving Cancun on a trip? Be sure to add your additional tips in the comments to this story. Happy travels!

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