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5 Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth On Your Next Mexican Caribbean Vacation

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When you think of Mexican cuisine, typically what comes to mind is tortilla chips with pico de gallo and guacamole, enchiladas or the crowd favorite – tacos! Many people are pleasantly surprised when they first get to indulge in the dessert side of dinner time in Mexico. Here are 5 scrumptious treats to be on the lookout for on your next Mexican Caribbean vacation.


The classic sweet treat that almost everyone has at least heard of – Churros! These beauties are long pieces of fried dough typically rolled in cinnamon sugar but they are also commonly drizzled with chocolate or filled with cajeta (caramel) or nutella. You won’t have to look far to find these, they are pretty common with street vendors and in restaurants.


Tres Leches translates to “three milks” in english, this ultra light sponge cake is soaked in a sweet milk mixture and is basically the official cake of Mexico. It is incredibly delicious and can be found in most Mexican restaurants and bakeries as a classic vanilla flavor or sometimes chocolate. Find some of the top rated Tres Leches in Cancun at Hacienda Sisal.

*Beware: This cake is addicting!


Paletas are basically popsicles – except they are made with real fruit and really great for helping you and your littles beat the heat. Vendors sell these frozen delights on the street from small insulated wheelie carts but you can also find full on Paletas shops like you would ice cream. They come in many different flavors such as like strawberry, mango, guava, coconut, coffee, arroz con leche (rice pudding). Check out Paletería La Guadalupana to try one the next time you’re in Cancun.


Flan is similar to a crème brule. It’s history is believed to go way back to the Roman Empire. This velvety textured treat is typically found in restaurants and bakeries in a number of flavors like coffee, cajeta (caramel), chocolate and coconut.


Marquesitas are a very common and very loved street snack, especially in the Yucatan Peninsula – because that’s where they originated. These crispy treats are like a combo of a crepe and a waffle cone, stuffed with things like nutella, caramel or bananas and then rolled up into an easy to hold and easy to eat treat. There is rumors that these delightful snacks are sort of like tacos – chances are you can’t eat just one.

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