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6 Items To Consider Packing For Your Next Trip To The Mexican Caribbean

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When traveling we all know to bring the basics like clothing, toiletries, medicine, electronic chargers and so on. But many of us overlook small but significant additions to your luggage. Here are 6 items to consider packing for your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean. 

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Biodegradable Reef Safe SunScreen

Many people travel far and wide to experience the breathtaking Caribbean waters. The crystal clear turquoise water, the breathtaking coral reefs and the plethora of marine life make it quite the magical experience. However, in order to keep the waters thriving there are a couple steps we need to make as humans. One of those things is making sure we wear reef safe, biodegradable sunscreen. Regular sunscreen can have a ton of harmful chemicals to marine life and to the coral reefs which decrease the overall health of the environment. So Please, Be aware and switch up your sun protection for something a little more eco friendly!

You can find plenty of options on amazon or at your local natural health food store. 

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Waterproof Dry Bag / Waterproof Phone Case

Picture this – you’re having one of the best beach days ever and then suddenly you get taken out by a wave or your travel buddy spills their drink all over your phone, wallet and valuables. Situations like that can put quite the damper on your day. Sometimes phones are soaked, pictures are lost or important documents in your wallet are trashed. These small but significant occurrences can be easily prevented by being prepared. As a well seasoned traveler – I cannot stress how many times having a dry bag and a waterproof phone case has saved the day – and the important memories saved on my phone. The next time you’re preparing to go play near bodies of water – especially in another country, grab yourself one of these waterproof dry bags and/ or waterproof phone case to protect your valuables. You won’t regret it.

Find some on amazon here.

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SOS Supplements – Activated Charcoal/Dimenhydrinate/Electrolytes

When we are on vacation we tend to indulge a little more than normal. A little extra sun, a couple extra drinks and while you’re in Mexico – for sure there’s going to be a couple extra tacos too! Now as much fun as it can be, sometimes your body bites back. Some of my worst travel experiences have been when my body fought back and I was ill prepared. Bringing along a little SOS pack of supplements to help you or your loved ones bounce back could earn you the status of “The Vacation Saver”. Here are three supplements that I bring and recommend others do too.
Activated Charcoal: Even if you take precautions with the food and water, you can end up with the dreaded Montezuma’s revenge. Taking activated charcoal at the first sign of issues will absorb the troublesome pathogens and help you stay healthy on your trip and help prevent a longer period of discomfort.
Dimenhydrinate: Also known as Gravol, This over the counter motion sickness and nausea beating drug is super helpful to use as a preventative measure before going for a boat ride as well as a saving grace when you find yourself curled over your hotel room’s porcelain throne.
Electrolytes: After a day of fun in the sun or a night of drinking it’s important to revitalize the electrolytes in your system. Pack some hydrolyte packets with you if you can or opt for some Gatorade or coconut water from a local convenience store.

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Extra Lock For Your Door

Traveling is fun but sometimes we can end up in a hotel room or a private rental that you feel you might want a little extra security while you sleep. These little travel locks are cheap and will give you that extra peace of mind while you rest up for another day in paradise. 

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Drink Protector

Just like partying back home, protecting your drink from unwanted bugs and drugs is important. These drink protectors look like a scrunchie and are an effective way to prevent your drink from getting spiked or having pesky bugs get in. 

Cooling Towel/Travel Towel

Whether you’re getting too hot or simply need a compact towel to dry off mid adventure, these two items are often overlooked while packing for your tropical vacation. They are affordable, light weight, fast drying and can make a huge difference in your day if you have one. 

Find plenty of options here.

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