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American Minor In The Riviera Maya Admitted To Hospital With Gunshot Wound

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A 17-year-old minor from the state of Wisconsin, U.S. was admitted to a hospital in Cancun during the early hours of Tuesday, March 28th, with a gunshot wound.

American Minor In Riviera Maya Admitted To Hospital With Gunshot Wound

The minor received a wound to his right thigh from what is suspected to have been a single gunshot wound. No information on the suspect is currently available, and the motivation for the attack remains unknown despite speculation.

Where It Happened

The gunshot victim was found on the grounds of the Royalton Riviera resort, where he had been on vacation with his mother. The resort is situated on the coast of the Riviera Maya, just a 15-minute drive south of Cancun International Airport.

The location has raised questions for a number of reasons. Firstly, this area is far away places where this type of incident is more likely to occur.

The Royalton Riviera only has resorts and a few private homes as neighbors, and the area is known for its quiet vacation offering. The population here is almost exclusively tourists and resort staff.

Additionally, according to an unofficial source, law enforcement found no traces of shell casings in the area, which calls into question whether the incident happened near the resort or if it took place someplace else.

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police car cancun quintana roo

The Response

The minor received potentially life-saving medical aid almost immediately at the Royalton Riviera resort thanks to the quick actions of the resort doctor.

An ambulance was called to the scene while the resort doctor stabilized the young American. He was then taken to the Hospiten hospital in Cancun city, where he received further medical care.

Law enforcement also attended the scene to confirm the safety of the area and begin their investigation into the incident.

Police officer guards a crime scene cordon

Resort Doctors

In this case, the attendance of the resort doctor may well have saved the young American’s life. Having an in-resort doctor is a common service in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, providing 24/7 coverage in case of a medical emergency.

These resort doctors are provided by private medical companies, such as Hospiten, who not only provide resort doctors but also operate and own the hospital the minor was admitted to.

If a resort employs this service, it is normally provided with operating hours of 8 am-8 pm in an on-site clinic. Additionally, the doctors live in the resort and act as an on-call medical response during the hours that the clinic is closed.

These doctors play an important role in the safety of tourists and are a reminder of just how seriously the resorts in Cancun take the health and comfort of their guests.

Doctor consults with patient

Should Travelers Be Concerned

This incident isn’t normal, especially not in the quiet area where the Royalton Riviera is situated. Although travelers would be forgiven for being shaken by the news of a minor receiving a gunshot wound no matter the location.

Cancun is a conflicting city. There are neighborhoods with high crime rates, and organized crime is known to be present in the city. But these elements almost always stay away from the touristic areas of Cancun.

For example, the hotel zone in Cancun is a shining light of safety and security. The area only has two main roads into it, and both are well-patrolled by law enforcement, acting as a strong deterrent.

shot of cancun hotel zone stretching into the distance

Also, this geography means that committing a crime in the hotel zone is a highly unattractive pursuit; with only two exits from the area, the chances of an individual getting away from law enforcement are extremely unlikely.

Furthermore, almost all of the resorts in Cancun have 24/7 security personnel, meaning the likelihood of an incident happening inside the resort remains low.

In fact, the majority of aggressive incidents reported in the resorts of Cancun are between tourists and don’t involve the local population.

resort security patroling the grounds

Tip The Scales

Like any vacation destination, travelers should take personal precautions to lower their chances of being involved in unwanted situations. In the case of Cancun, the following points are agreed to play a big part in having a safe and enjoyable trip:

  • Never carry large amounts of cash, and only use in-bank ATMs.
  • Don’t show off valuables such as jewelry or cell phones.
  • Stay away from narcotics – The overwhelming majority of violent incidents in Cancun are related to the distribution of narcotics.
  • Trust your gut – If something feels off, don’t wait to find out if you’re correct. Remove yourself from any situation that doesn’t sit right.

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