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American Tourist Reported As Kidnapped Shows Up After Spending The Night With A Woman

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Like a scene out of a movie, the friends of an American tourist had a miserable night out in the Cancun area. They lost their friend while partying late at night and the next morning the group still had not had any contact with him. This prompted them to go ahead and contact local authorities. Telling them that their missing companion may have been the victim of a kidnapping plot. 

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After receiving the call the authorities showed up at the location in boulevard Kukulcan, (the hotel zone road). Reports indicate that the American tourists were likely staying in or near the Krystal Hotel. The intention of local police officers was to interrogate the group of American tourists to see if they could obtain a photo or at least a description of their lost friend. As well as, a recollection of what may have happened the night before. To be able to then launch search and rescue efforts in the area. 

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Just as his friends were talking to the local police to try and launch the search, the man showed up unscathed. The man seemed visibly confused when he saw that his friends were talking to the police. They quickly informed him though that their intention was to launch a search party to look for him.

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Where Had He Been All Night?               

Even though, thankfully no search was ever launched, authorities still interrogated the man to make sure they could close the case by the book. According to the missing tourist, the group had gone out drinking the night before. This man, though, had met a woman who invited him back to her hotel room. He promptly accepted the invitation and presumably left without letting his friends know where he was going. 

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Ultimately he says that he spent the night at a hotel in the center of Cancun with the woman that he met the night before. He had fallen asleep, and naturally forgot to charge his phone. It really wasn’t until he arrived back at the hotel that the group was originally staying at, that he was able to tell his story to his friends. The local police took up his testimony, and closed the case.

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Getting Help From Local Authorities

This situation can certainly serve as a cautionary tale, and learning experience. When you are in the Cancun area, and one of your companions goes missing you should dial 9-1-1. That’s reportedly the way that these American tourists were able to get a hold of the police. Whom they later met at a small strip mall in Boulevard Kukulcan. There are also different portable police surveillance spots around the Cancun hotel zone. Both on the beach, and the side of the street. If you’re looking for immediate help you can also walk into any of these spots. 

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Search and rescue stories like this are not all that uncommon around the Cancun area. Particularly when booze, and a good time are involved. For the most part, tourists are able to get their testimonies taken by police on the spot when trouble occurs.

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The lost tourist was forced to explain to police officers the kind of predicament that he had gotten himself in, which may have been an embarrassing experience. Luckily though, it all ended in only a worrisome experience for his group of friends.

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