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Cancun Remains In The Safe Green Zone As Covid Cases Continue To Dwindle

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Quintana Roo Governor Remains Focussed On Economic Recovery As Cases Remain Low

Cancun and the rest of Quintana Roo will remain in the green zone on Mexico’s epidemiological traffic light system for another week. The announcement means the state’s spring break visitors can enjoy restriction-free travel.

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The Governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquin, made the announcement on Thursday evening in his weekly statements. The decision to remain in the green zone was widely expected but every week marks a step forward for all businesses and visitors to the region.

A further decrease in COVID cases is being reported, and only a few new cases are being reported every day. The decrease must be kept in check, however, as the lessened restrictions mean that bars and clubs are in full swing. As more tourists enter the country, there is always a risk of new spread.

Image: Quintana Roo Government Communications

The main focus in his speech, which was broadcast from Shark Tower, a new luxury apartment complex in the shape of a shark fin, was continuing the economic recovery of the city and state. Joaquin has spoken much of his desire to move the state forward regardless of COVID. Even when the state was under an orange designation the restrictions were lessened, and as soon as numbers improved, the green level was reinstated.

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During the announcement, the governor made several references to a “modification” of current health protocols. His exact meaning is unclear based on the information he offered, but he reiterated the use of ventilated spaces while suggesting that those smaller businesses unable to function effectively with distancing rules may not have to follow it as strictly. Again, the exact meaning of his statements is unclear, but if the summation of the speech is correct, it could be good news for smaller restaurants and bars in the region.

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Continuing in the Green Zone is extremely important for Cancun. The city is currently experiencing a surge in tourists thanks to the spring break period. Although the figures are purposely nowhere near as high as they were a decade ago, this year, in particular, it represents a valuable amount of extra revenue to the area.

Beyond this month, the extremely busy Easter week is approaching. An expected 3 million tourists will pour into the region over the coming weeks, and the Easter week itself is estimated to see more than 200 thousand visitors a day in Cancun. With such high figures, a return to yellow or orange would be a logistical nightmare.

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Under the yellow or orange level, hotels were restricted in their operational capacity. Although not as harsh as last year’s restrictions, a sudden loss would be terrible. Most hotels are already looking at over 95% capacity for the week of Easter, and it’s unclear what could happen in those circumstances.

The crowds arriving over the Easter period are highlighting a shift in the demographics. The events in Ukraine are shifting tourist focus in regards to where they want to travel. Europe is currently being viewed as “destabilized” and many from the continent are happy to make the trans-Atlantic trip to ensure no disruptions take place.

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On the other hand, Americans react to situations like by being hesitant to leave their country at all, instead choosing one of the sunnier destinations in Florida or California. They will still make up the largest chunk of tourists, but the European contingent will be significantly higher over this period. 

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Those hoping to visit Cancun over the next few weeks should continue to monitor any possible changes to restrictions both in their home country and in Mexico. Also monitoring any possible effects of the Ukrainian conflict will help to ensure no disappointment.

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