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American Tourists Continue Flooding To Cancun Despite U.S. Travel Advisory

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Americans have a long-lasting love for the sunny beaches of the Yucatàn Peninsula, and nothing seems to stop them from enjoying it. Despite updates from the US government regarding safety issues across Cancun and its surroundings, tourism is flourishing at record high levels.

security surveillance system of quintana roo

Last month, the US government updated a new travel advisory for visitors due to the rising in crimes in the region. The advisory issues note warning tourists to be cautious around downtown Cancun, Tulum, and Riviera Maya, especially after dark. It also mentions that during these hours, if needed, always remain in well-lit pedestrian streets and tourist zones.

hard rock cafe in cancun

Despite this advisory, Americans are constantly flooding the area, to the point where the Cancun International Aiport just became the 9th busiest in the world and has already surpassed its pre-pandemic mark. It’s the only airport in the world that reached this number, and it’s mainly due to the increase in popularity of Cancun on America’s international traveling map, as Cancun receives the most international tourists in all of Mexico, with over 22 million passengers as of 2021, very close to the 25 million mark of the 2019 pre-pandemic level.

passengers in queue at cancun airport

This travel warning is aligned with the uptick in violent crimes throughout the state of Quintana Roo. Many politicians and authorities in the regions are worried about escalating crime. With more than 150 murders happening this year, even restaurants are closing for insecurity issues, armed robberies in the new Hard Rock construction site, and petty theft being an even more common concern spread across many locations. Cancun’s homicide rate of 36.81 per 100,000 is considered high, but it’s mainly due to organized crime and gang rivalry and not directed at tourists.

quintana roo police

However, all these safety concerns are not issues with the intention to scare anyone planning to visit Cancun. On the contrary, they are meant to inform and alert everyone on how to stay safe and have a relaxing and conscious vacation, so things don’t turn into a bad experience. Therefore, taking essential precautions, Cancun is actually a very safe destination, much safer than many would imagine.

zona hotelera in cancun

The authorities in Quintana Roo are taking many actions to minimize the possible small dangers that may occur. For example, last month, over 800 federal agents were sent to Cancun to patrol and protect tourists and locals against crime during the peak summer season and permanently establish more police officers due to its floating population. Also, it’s installing a more extensive and efficient surveillance system in Tulum and the famous Zona Hotelera, the most frequented and touristic part of Cancun.

federal police patrolling cancun beach

Anti-drug operations are due to take place in Playa del Carmen, another popular destination for visitors. The authorities are determined to control the crimes with more police officers, surveillance systems, and the use of intelligence to track down possible events before they happen.

Despite all those advisories and events that may happen, Cancun is considered a very safe destination. Many popular destinations usually seen as safe, like Las Vegas or Paris, have a higher crime rate than those in Cancun. It’s not by chance that Quintana Roo and its beautiful beaches are one of the top American destinations for Americans this summer.

passengers in front of cancun's airport

All these travel warnings are a standard procedure to inform and protect the population, as it is a government duty to protect every citizen of their country. The new update follows the uptick in crimes happening across Quintana Roo state. However, along with it, the authorities are following this growth with more measures to stop and combat it with specific and intelligent actions. It’s always important to remember that Cancun is a safe destination. Millions visit the island every year without any issues or troubles, so taking primary care will make your vacations everything you ever wished.

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