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As Cases Rise, Should Tourists Worry About Dengue Fever In Cancun?

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Dengue fever cases are on the rise in the beautiful city of Cancun and the state of Quintana Roo, causing concern for tourists planning to visit the popular vacation destination, however, should tourists be worrying?

The Federal Ministry of Health has just released the number of dengue fever cases in Quintana Roo.

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How Many Cases Are In Quintana Roo?

As of week 12, they have found 802 confirmed cases, which is 400% more than the state of Yucatan’s 266 cases. Benito Juárez has the highest with 688 registered cases, followed by Chetumal with 76, José María Morelos with 7, and Isla Mujeres with just 3 cases.

The other municipalities in Quintana Roo have a total of 28 cases, but it’s not clear how many each one has.

Out of those 28, 15 are non-serious cases, and the other 13 are cases of severe dengue or with acute symptoms.

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The mosquito-borne illness has been spreading significantly in the area in recent months, and while the outbreak is not ideal, there are many steps that tourists can take to protect themselves on their trips.

How To Avoid Getting Dengue Fever?

First and foremost, the best way to avoid dengue fever is to stay away from mosquitos – this can be done in several ways, for example:

  • Wear insect repellant/bug spray
  • Wear long and appropriate clothing to cover your skin
  • Stay inside during peak mosquito times

It’s worth noting to make sure you don’t have any trash or standing water lying around – as that is typically a breeding ground for mosquitos – also, if you have access to a mosquito net, then that’s always a good option too.

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Tourists planning a trip shouldn’t be overly concerned about getting dengue fever; just make sure to take some precautions to avoid the mosquitos.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before traveling somewhere new, just to stay informed about any updated health risks in the area via health advisories from reliable sources.

As well as dengue fever, it’s important to note that there are lots of other potential health risks that travelers should be aware of when traveling to foreign countries – such as waterborne and food illnesses, plus other mosquito-borne illnesses like chikungunya and Zika virus.

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What Is Dengue Fever?

It’s a viral infection caused by the dengue virus, transmitted by mosquitos, or more specifically, the Aedes mosquito – which is also known to pass on diseases such as Zika virus and Yellow Fever too.

It’s most common in the subtropical and tropical parts of the world – such as Latin America and the Caribbean.

guy spraying his arm with bug spray

Most people who get it just have symptoms including mild to high fever, headaches, joint and muscle pain, rashes, and in rare circumstances, mild bleeding.

It’s only in rare and severe cases that it can develop into what they call dengue hemorrhagic fever, which can then become life-threatening, causing severe bleeding and shock.

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It’s worth noting that despite being potentially serious, it is quite rare for dengue fever to develop to this stage, so travelers shouldn’t be overly concerned.

In terms of treatment, there isn’t a specific one, but the earlier it can be detected, the better, as proper medical care can reduce any complications — typical cases can often be recovered after a week of symptoms.

Dengue fever isn’t something travelers should be really worried about — just remember bug spray, appropriate clothes, and keep informed about any health warnings, and you can still have a safe and enjoyable vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

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Don’t let the risk end up stopping you from having a memorable and fun vacation; there are always going to be health risks wherever you go, particularly in the more tropical climates.

The beautiful state of Quintana Roo is waiting for you. Just make sure you follow the correct precautions!

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