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Authorities To Launch New Branch At Cancun Airport To Help Protect Tourists From Theft 

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Cancun Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, welcoming millions of tourists to the Riviera Maya region every year.   

Because the millions of tourists who visit the region have to go through the airport, Cancun government officials have come up with a plan to give tourists peace of mind that will be implemented right at the airport.   

They will be launching a new branch at Cancun Airport that will help protect tourists from theft.   

Cancun Airport Sign in Terminal 4

Crime In Cancun 

Like anywhere else in the world, Cancun has its share of crime.  

Crimes range from petty theft to murder, but the only crimes tourists typically run into are theft or scams.   

Paying for activities through an illegitimate company and losing money, being the victim of a pickpocket, and having belongings stolen from vehicles, luggage, or a hotel are all crimes that tourists should watch out for and report. 

Police Truck Monitoring the Streets of Cancun

Tourists And Theft 

While theft doesn’t happen all the time, it does happen sometimes, so tourists should protect their belongings and report crimes when they occur.  

Just a few months back, tourists in the Riviera Maya region had their luggage stolen right out of their car while they went into the store.   

This is just one example of crimes in Cancun, and it highlights the importance of being vigilant even when you think you’re dealing with someone you can trust.   

Use your safe in your hotel room, don’t let your luggage out of your sight, don’t exhibit wealth by wearing flashy jewelry and accessories, and don’t walk around intoxicated, and you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding theft and other crimes. 

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Police Officer Patrolling in the Cancun Hotel Zone

The New Branch At The Airport 

The new branch that authorities will be launching at the airport will be an office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, where tourists can make complaints about crimes before leaving the country.   

The purpose of the office, according to the Attorney General of the State, Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales, is to give “tourists, especially foreigners, the possibility that before boarding a plane they can file a complaint without fear that they will miss their flight.”   

He further stated that the hope is “that crimes, especially theft, do not go unpunished and without a complaint.” 

Tourists Walking Through Cancun International Airport to Get to Departure Gates

Airport Traffic 

Cancun International Airport is an extremely busy airport that is usually filled with tourists every day of the week.   

On average more than 500 operations a day are recorded, and more than half of those are international flights, mostly going to and from the United States.   

Last year the airport broke an all-time record, serving more than 30 million passengers throughout 2022.   

That is a lot of tourists for officials to protect and give peace of mind to. 

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What Travelers Should Know About Cancun Airport 

Cancun Airport is a large airport with four terminals, multiple restaurants, a number of stores, a few different VIP lounges, and ample waiting areas. So arriving early for your departure is not a problem; there is plenty to do.

When coming into Cancun, you should know that there are also multiple transportation options onsite, but you’re better off booking your transportation in advance.   

This will ensure that you can avoid getting scammed by a timeshare representative posing as a transportation company or a fake taxi, two common scams to watch out for in Cancun.    

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When To Get To The Airport 

It is recommended that foreign tourists returning home arrive at Cancun Airport 3-4 hours before departure time under normal traffic conditions.   

During times when traffic is worse due to infrastructure projects or something else, you should plan on getting there even earlier.   

This is also the case if you plan to utilize the new airport Public Prosecutor’s Office to report a crime.   

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Security And Safety At The Airport 

The Attorney General of the state has made it clear that implementing this project is a priority.   

They are currently seeking funding to get the project going.   

Included in the project will be investments in security technology as well. 

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Friday 16th of February 2024

Where is this new branch? My husband held a large business convention in Cancun last month. The airport security people demanded he remove his watch and put it through the scan at the airport (despite him showing them it was only rubber and plastic). Thankfully he did not wear an expensive watch but of course it was never found once on the other side and retrieving his items. Just despicable theft of tourists. Needless to say, all of the convention business won't be going back to Cancun. Who wants to have to deal with all the theft and poor treatment of those who bring money to their country? Too many other options for businesses to have to worry about the crime in Mexico.