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Road Work Causing Delays For Tourists Traveling To Cancun Airport, This Is How Early You Should Leave 

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Cancun International Airport is only about 14 miles from the Cancun Hotel Zone, but anyone who has visited knows it often takes longer than expected to drive that short distance.   

Throw in something like road work, and that time is even longer, so it’s important for visitors to keep track of what is going on in the area in order to plan accordingly.   

Tourists Outside of the Cancun Airport Departures Area

Currently, road work is causing delays for tourists traveling to Cancun Airport again, so we’ll tell you how early you should leave to make it on time.  

Road Work Delays 

Current delays are being caused by road work that is causing drivers to take detours to reach the airport.   

Taking the Colosio Boulevard Route is resulting in drive times of about 40 minutes.   

Routes from the south of the downtown area and the Cancun Hotel Zone are taking even longer to drive, up to double the amount of time. 



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When To Leave For Cancun Airport 

Travelers taking international flights from Cancun Airport are already advised to get to the airport about three hours early.   

This will allow you to get through customs and get checked in before your scheduled flight time.   

Since it’s advised that you should arrive three hours early, and the trip to the airport can take over an hour, you probably want to leave for the airport about 4 – 4.5 hours before your scheduled flight time.   

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Cancun Airport Transportation 

There are numerous different ways to get from Cancun Airport to your hotel and vice versa, some better than others.   

Taxis have typically been the most commonly used form of airport transportation, but their battle with Uber has led many visitors to find an alternative.   

There is also an issue with fake taxis in Cancun, which steers some tourists away as well.  Shuttles, private vehicle transportation, and the ADO buses are all great alternatives to taking a taxi. 

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Airport Transfer Cost 

Taxis are a pretty pricey form of transportation when traveling to and from the airport and can cost as much as $60 or more for a one-way trip.   

Private shuttle transportation can be found for about $39 each way, and you can find private vehicle transportation for around $79 and up, depending on the type of vehicle.   

Transportation to and from the airport on an ADO bus is less than $10 each way, which is the cheapest option but not as comfortable as private transportation. 

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Booking In Advance Vs. Booking Onsite  

One way to help ensure that you get to Cancun Airport on time and to your hotel in a timely manner is by booking your transportation in advance.   

This reduces the risk of having to wait for a taxi, bus, shuttle, or private vehicle, especially during the busier seasons.   

In many cases, booking your transportation in advance results in significant savings as well, sometimes as much as 50 percent.   

When arriving at the airport, it also saves you from having to navigate through the different options that are available. 

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Missing A Flight 

Nobody wants to miss their flight home, but when there are delays getting to the airport, it’s something that you have to consider.   

Fortunately, there are a couple of things that you can do to get on a different flight without having to pay for another one.    

Although each airline has different rules, many are willing to work with you if your missed flight isn’t your fault.   

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What To Do If You Miss Your Flight Due To Delays 

As soon as you know that you won’t make it to the airport in time for your flight, the first thing you should do is call the airline and explain the situation.   

Some of them will get you on the next flight at no cost.   

The best thing to do, though, is purchase travel insurance that will cover a missed flight, and these days when cancelations seem to be the norm, it doesn’t hurt to have it anyway. 

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