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5 Things To Avoid When Arriving At Cancun Airport 

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Preparing to go on a Cancun vacation can cause all sorts of mixed feelings.   

Joy, anxiety, exhaustion, stress, excitement, and a myriad of other feelings take turns occupying our minds as we plan, schedule, pack, book, and otherwise prepare to leave everything behind to explore the world and enjoy some rest and relaxation.   

Woman walking out of Cancun airport

It can really take a lot out of you, even though you know it will be worth it in the end, so the last thing you want is more stress upon arriving at your destination.   

So we’re going to tell you about 5 things to avoid when arriving at Cancun Airport to make your arrival much smoother. 

Missing Documents  

The last thing you want to realize when you arrive at Cancun Airport is that you don’t have the documents you need, like identification and your passport.   

This can happen both upon arriving in Cancun and when you return to Cancun airport for your flight home.   

It’s important to double-check before you get off the plane in Cancun to make sure you didn’t lose any documentation on the airplane, like when you took your wallet out for that much-needed beverage for example.   

And it’s also crucial to keep your documents in a safe place while visiting Cancun so you don’t get stuck there until you recover your documentation.   

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Currency Exchange  

Many tourists arrive at Cancun Airport and immediately want to exchange their American currency for pesos, but the airport is not the place to do it.   

They make it easy, with currency exchange kiosks available throughout the airport,  but the exchange rates are terrible.   

Wait until you get into town, and you’re likely to get a lot more bang for your buck or more pesos for your buck rather.   

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Last Minute Ground Transportation 

If you can, you should really try to avoid booking ground transportation at the last minute upon arrival.   

You’ll get much better rates when booking in advance, sometimes saving as much as half the price by pre-booking your transportation from the airport to your hotel.   

You’ll also have a driver there waiting for you rather than having to navigate the process of booking transportation when you arrive in Cancun. 

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The Shark Tank 

In most popular vacation destinations, you will inevitably be confronted by timeshare salespeople.   

But the ones at Cancun Airport are on a whole different level, so much so that they call the area where they wait the “shark tank.”   

They will go to great lengths to try to get you to sign up for a sales presentation.   

It’s not worth your time, and it always takes longer than what they say.   

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More On Timeshare Sales People 

Sometimes these salespeople will even go as far as to lie about being your transportation to get you into their vehicles.   

Just remember that ground transportation service providers will not be in the airport.   

They will always be outside the airport waiting for you.   

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Forbidden Items 

There are some things you may be able to travel with in the U.S. but not in Mexico, and you do not want to arrive at Cancun Airport with such forbidden items.   

Many of the forbidden items are similar in most countries, like sharp objects, liquids over a certain amount, and medications without a prescription.   

But one thing that some U.S. citizens can carry in their checked baggage that you cannot bring into Mexico is a firearm or ammunition, for that matter.   

Numerous Americans have been arrested for this at Cancun Airport, so be sure to double-check that you didn’t miss something in your luggage. 

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Enjoying Your Cancun Vacation  

A vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but some things can very quickly interfere with that vibe.   

Avoid these five things, though, and your Cancun vacation will be off to a great start.  

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Chris C.

Wednesday 26th of April 2023

Add to this list not to bring your scuba diving weights because Cancun's security will take them for being a blunt object that can be used as a weapon, in comparison to the bottle of liquor you can buy in their duty free shop! 🤣


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Be aware of what prescription medications are and are not allowed to be brought in. Depending on what it is you may be required to bring a letter from your doctor, or you may be required to have only the exact number of pills/caps for the duration of your stay, or you may need to report to immigration with your meds.