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Cancun Beach Security Reinforced To Protect Tourists 

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As the number of tourists reaching Cancun grows exponentially this winter season, so too is security and surveillance in the area. 

In an effort to strengthen overall security on the beaches of Cancun, eight new patrol vehicles have been introduced, following the large investment dedicated to improving tourist safety, most especially during the winter and summer seasons. 

Feeling Safe On The Beach

Cancun Travelers Have Just Been Given A Guarantee Of Safety From The Mexican Military

As most of you will probably be spending some time at the beach during your vacation, it is important that you enjoy the breathtaking views without worrying or feeling unsafe. 

The major tourist hub in Cancun, situated in the hotel zone, is an extremely safe place, with little to no crime having been reported this year. 

However, that is not stopping government officials who know just how fragile the Mexican Caribbean current tourist boom is. 

If there happened to be any major incident involving tourists, the boom could all but disappear, hence why security programs and measures are being introduced like never before.

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Winter Security Programme

Cancun is expecting to see more than 1,600,000 tourists arrive at its doorstep this winter season to finish its truly earth-shattering good year for the location.

What has come to be expected each summer and winter season is that local authorities of major hotspots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum increase their security operations.

So far this has ranged from things like more patrols on beaches and shopping mall areas, as well as increased lifeguard coverage, and even more notably, mass surveillance systems. 

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Historical investment of more than 3.9 million pesos ($230,183 USD) has been brought in for Quintana Roo, showing if nothing else, just how serious the region is taking the security of both its guests and its locals. 

In the past, Cancun in particular was once a place that dominated headlines for having a much higher crime rate than it does now. 

Slowly over time, that number has become so low that it is practically non-existent, with Cancun being the number one destination for Americans to travel to on their vacations, thanks to its convenience and guaranteed protection of tourists.

luxury resorts along the beach in cancun

Now eight new security vehicles have been introduced to improve security conditions.

These vehicles are capable of driving through sand and weeds and will be an imperative tool to respond quickly to any incidents on the beachfront. 

As millions of tourists come to Cancun each in search of a slice of that 25 kilometers of golden coastline, they will be imperative to the security operations.

While it may take some time to get used to, the sight of police on beaches and CCTV in busy, built-up areas will quickly become the norm, and before too long, you won’t notice any difference. 

Security Officers on a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun’s Record Breaking Year Comes To An End

One thing is absolutely certain: fears around traveling after the pandemic seem to be a thing of the past, as more than 21 million visitors have chosen to visit Cancun this year

With a trend known as ‘revenge travel’, people are not holding back and waiting for the right time to book their vacations anymore. 

The fear of not being allowed to travel again and instead being locked down in your house is too great, and is even making people choose to go away during times they hadn’t considered before (like Christmas). 

christmas stocking on a palm tree on the beach

Often the attitude is “no expense spared’, meaning more luxurious holidays and a huge influx of visitors that would not have been anticipated a few years ago.

Cancun has everything Americans could ever want, from the temperature to the golden coastlines, the endless tourist attractions to the luxurious accommodation options, and not forgetting the high level of security that makes everyone feel safe.

It is that perfect balance that keeps people choosing it as their favorite destination and we don’t blame them. 

As more and more tourist hotspots in the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula follow suit and increase security operations to ensure that crime rates remain low, it is only a matter of time before Cancun will have some stiff competition for being the number one vacation spot!

Aerial View of Cancun and the Caribbean Sea

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