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Cancun Continues To Be The Most Visited Destination In Mexico

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Cancun hotels are currently 81.2% booked up by 5% compared to the occupancy levels registered last week. These high occupancy numbers are not necessarily a staple of this time of year in the beach city. With the number of rooms that are currently occupied in Cancun, it’s once again the busiest tourist destination in Mexico at the moment. 

Hotel In Cancun

It was briefly surpassed for a couple of weeks by Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, which boasted a 77% hotel occupancy over the last few weeks. With Los Cabos closing out the top 3 with 70% occupancy. In reality though, even when Puerto Vallarta’s occupancy rate is a bit higher than Cancun’s, more people are typically visiting Cancun in that same time span due to the number of rooms the resort city offers. 

Puerto Vallarta Hotels

This is because Cancun features over 38 thousand rooms that can be filled at any point. While Puerto Vallarta has only 23 thousand rooms to accommodate guests in. In any case, the occupancy levels outside of traditionally packed vacation dates is a great sign for the Mexican tourism industry in general.   

hotel room

Booking Tips To Visit Cancun

Throughout the COVID riddled years of 2020, and 2021 hotels obviously operated at limited capacity for most of those years. That wasn’t the only thing though that made it harder to book a room in the main Cancun Hotel zone. Due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID situation in those days hotels did not allow folks to be able to book trips too many days in advance. That has since expanded in 2022. 

Tickets at airport

Most Cancun hotels are allowing potential visitors to book their rooms up to 50 days in advance if not more. This has led to hotels being able to fill their rooms for peak dates way in before the actual date. A couple of weeks back we reported that hotels in Cancun were virtually fully booked for the first week of July, which is expected to kick off the busiest part of the summer for Cancun. With people being able to book their trips with more anticipation this has caused prices to go up particularly if folks are looking for a quick getaway trip. 

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Ideally you’ll find better prices on hotels if you book closer to the start of that 50 day window before your trip. As the date of your trip approaches the rates of hotels for said date will tend to go up considerably. Just as things stand hotel prices in Cancun are up on average at least 10% when compared to last year. With the occupancy levels being what they are outside of the peak vacation days, rates have not necessarily gotten more friendly for travelers who planned on heading to Mexican beaches in the off season. 

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The Cancun Airport Reflects How Busy The City Is   

The start of the week at the Cancun airport actually allowed folks working in the facility to catch their breath a bit. Monday marked the first time in 3 days that less than 500 flights took off or arrived at the Cancun airport. That’s not to say it was an “off day” by any standards. Over 480 flights arrived or left the Cancun airport. With the majority of those flights coming from or going out to international destinations. 

Tourists Waiting At Cancun Airport

34 different airlines made trips to over 50 different international airports most of which were located within the United States. As the weekend approaches it’s expected that the number of flights to and from the Cancun airport will get to that 500 per day mark. Even though the airport has remained busy this off season it seems that the excessively long lines that were present at the beginning of the year at the facility have more or less subsided.  

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