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Cancun Launches New Security Measures For Restaurants And Bars

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Various shootings resulting in the deaths of multiple people including a bar security staff member in Cancun lead to an emergency meeting held by local police on Sunday. After the meeting the head of Public Security in Cancun held a press conference with members of the armed forces, including marines and military personnel, as well as civilians to present a new security initiative that is set to be enforced in the region. Lucio Hernanadez head of Public Security shared the most important points that will essentially make up this new security strategy. 

police station in cancun

One of the main things to come out of these security meetings is that police and military personnel want to have citizen collaboration as a focal point of the strategy. Lucio Hernandez mentioned that authorities want people to feel safer about calling the police if they see suspicious activity. 

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For that he mentioned that authorities were looking to guarantee anonymity to anyone who provided information on potential crimes being committed in the region. That’s something that is said to be in place, but many people still don’t feel comfortable calling the police. Another important point was the idea to set up barricades, and checkpoints particularly in and around popular restaurants, and bars within Cancun. 

Cancun Restaurants Plan To Upgrade Security After Shootings At Two Restaurants

Police Checkpoints Are To Be Setup All Over The City      

It’s important to point out that the agreements reached in the meeting, and later revealed to the press, may take some time to be implemented. However, Lucio Hernandez mentioned that one of the ideas is to set up police checkpoints in multiple parts of the city. The checkpoints will be meant to check vehicles randomly. They are mainly going to be on the lookout for vehicles without license plates, and motorcycles that are not registered accordingly either. These motorcycles seem to be a favorite get away vehicle for many wrongdoers. 

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When it comes to tourists who rent out vehicles upon their arrival to the region, it’s going to be a good idea to make sure all of the paperwork checks out before you leave the rental garage. The Cancun police are set to deploy multiple utility/off road vehicles to be able to set up these checkpoints. They are also hoping to be able to use the Eagle 1 chopper that is the property of the state police force to be able to improve their patrolling methods throughout the entire region. 

cancun policeman on quad bike

Third Party Security Personnel In Restaurants & Bars Will Also Get Background Checked By Local Police     

The security measures that are set to be implemented in Cancun certainly emphasize protecting restaurants, bars, and other spots the locals and mostly tourists frequent. Another one of the potential measures therefore has to do with external security personnel that is hired by these restaurants. As previously stated one of the unfortunate deaths over the weekend was of one of these members of third party security companies that are meant to be looking after restaurants and bars. What local authorities are saying is that they want to ensure that the staff that is being hired to look after restaurants and bars aren’t serving as double agents so to speak. 

Private Security

Looking For Help From Locals & Tourists     

The head of public security ended his presser with a plea to locals and tourists to trust the job that the authorities are doing. He also went on to request support from the general public to alert police of suspicious activity as previously mentioned. Finally he declared that justice still prevails in the city. Hernandez mentioned, 

Restaurant Cancun

“I ask respectfully that the citizens keep supporting us, and giving us a vote of confidence. We need your support and solidarity as well as your anonymous tips so that we can finish off the people who disturb the peace, and security. In the state justice is a guarantee, because of this the impunity phenomenon will be torn down definitively.”

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