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Tourists Have Been Taking Selfies With Fully Armed Marines On Cancun Beaches

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Mexican marine forces have been deployed to Cancun beaches to keep the areas safe during the spring break peak season. This was something that was actually requested by local business owners around the main Cancun beaches. As they potentially wanted to keep their businesses safe from both organized crime, and intoxicated spring breakers. Now the armed marines are also serving as popular tourist attractions themselves.

Cancun Marines

Are Marines Open To Photo Ops With Tourists?

Many of the pictures that were taken to marines were pretty much unsuspecting selfies. Where the beach goers would set up for a picture, and essentially look for the marine officer to photo bomb their picture. Over the last few days though beach goers have been getting more and more brave. Deliberately coming up to these marine forces and asking for a full posed picture. Many marines officers have graciously accepted taking pictures with tourists. Something that has certainly helped lighten the mood a bit.

There are dozens of officers currently stationed on the main Cancun beaches. These Mexican marine members wear their full marine outfit to patrol the beaches. They also typically carry around large weapons. These weapons tend to spark a sense of curiosity amongst tourists. Who are for the most part taking things lightly. Although, of course there are still some folks who don’t love the marine presence on the beaches. So far it seems that their presence has helped to keep things calm on Cancun beaches. These beaches by the way expect a total of 3 million visitors throughout the Spring season.

Armed Gang Opens Fire At Cancun Beach Resort

Getting Help From Marines At These Public Beaches

We’ve mentioned the fact that these marines are there to patrol the beaches. Certainly one of the main concerns that the authorities had prior to this Spring season was the development of any type of gun violence on Cancun beaches. The presence of these marines is meant to deter anyone from coming to these beaches with bad intentions. As a regular beach goer though, could you seek out these marine forces, and ask for help? While the main recommendation by authorities is to call the police if something comes up, of course these marine forces are there to protect tourists.

Police in Cancun

As mentioned before their main objective is to eradicate gun violence from these main tourist spots. In fact, at the end of last year an incident involving a group of men on jet skis. This led local authorities to bring in marines to help protect the beaches.

Jet Ski Cancun

Their presence wasn’t necessarily a constant during some of the down months; they seem to be here to stay throughout the spring. The warm reception that marine forces are getting from tourists is certainly something that local authorities appreciate. There was real concern that marines all decked out in uniform and carrying assault rifles would keep tourists from showing up at local beaches. So far, that hasn’t been the case.

national guard

Is It Ok To Take A Selfie?  

Maybe. It seems that these marine officers who are patrolling the beach have orders to be as friendly as possible with tourists. That’s appears to be why some of them will pose for pictures. If you really can’t resist, just ask first and they will tell you if it’s ok which will help you avoid any type of negative confrontation. Show respect as these are trained military officials.

These officers are on the beaches to protect tourists so distracting them to take photos could bring their attention away from potential crime.

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