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Cancun Hotel Zone Beaches Being Repaired After Mass Erosion

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The association of hotels in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres is looking to secure funds for a project that would see major repairs being done to local beach fronts in Cancun’s main hotel district. These hotels have had to deal with multiple problems over the years. These issues include constantly having to remove considerable amounts of sargassum that’s ended up on the beach fronts. On top of that, hurricanes, and other types of natural phenomena including a consistently raising tied have contributed to the erosion of their beaches.

sargassum and sand erosion

This association has crafted a plan to restore a specific part of the main hotel district’s beachfront in Cancun. With the beach that runs from the Emporio Hotel, and the Panama Jack, a strip that includes the Hard Rock Hotel, being slated as the first patch to be restored. Since, this beachfront is surrounded by water from all sides it’s naturally an area that deals with erosion on a consistent basis. According to official government data estimates Cancun is set to lose anywhere from 13 to 65 feet of beach fronts by 2050. Hence, the importance of beach restoration efforts in the area. 

Beach restoration

Substantial, beach restoration projects in the area have been conducted twice this century already. With the local government spending close to 110 million dollars in restoration projects in 2005, and 2013. Another restoration was reportedly planned for 2020. However, securing funds has been the issue that potentially hasn’t allowed certain projects to get off the ground. A major focus of this new project rests on the association’s ability to secure funds for the restorations. 

Cancun Hotel District

How The Hotel’s Association Plans To Secure Funds For The Beach Restoration  

The Cancun area has already been collecting funds specifically for these types of restoration projects. Tourists that come to the area are charged a 20 peso fee per hotel room per night. This is covering the “Derecho de Saneamiento Ambiental” tax. This particular tax has come under scrutiny as of late. With local lawmakers pushing to increase the fee by a substantial amount. The association of local hotels has publicly spoken out against the idea of an increase. Yet, they are on board with using the funds for their beach restoration project.

Cancun Tourist Tax

This project that contemplates a considerable restoration effort of adding sand from inland to the hotel district beachfront is going to be brought before local authorities in the next two weeks. With no clear timetable for the actual restoration efforts being set yet. The folks behind the project are hopeful that the initiative can pass. On the proposal Miriam Cortes Franco, the president of the Beach Club association of Quintana Roo mentioned,

Cancun Beach club association

We have to find a way to also meet the environmental demands of the local government while creating an attractive tourist destination

Looking For A Sustainable Solution

According to geological experts Cancun’s beachfront issue isn’t just something that can be solved by pumping more sand into what are effectively man-made beaches in some cases. Part of the problem may be the weight of the hotels themselves. As well as, the initial environmental calamities that were committed when building the area. Coastal Mangroves, and other types of vegetation that originally protected the shore line were removed when building many of these hotels back in the 70s. 

Working on Cancun beach

Creating artificial reefs can be one of the steps necessary to try and slow down the natural process of erosion. These efforts can be combined with what other restoration projects of the past have done. Which, in large part has been limited to pumping more sand onto the beaches. If the initiative passes it could go a long way in improving the current conditions of the beach fronts in Cancun’s main hotel district.

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