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Cancun Expects At Least 20,000 Spring Breakers At The End Of February

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Visitors Should Expect Some Extra Crowds And Potential Minor Disruptions

Cancun is set to receive to host as many as 20,000 spring breakers at the end of the month and into March. Typical visitors to the area should expect a significant rise in younger party crowds.

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The numbers are already much lower than they used to be, and not just because of COVID. Cancun used to bring in close to 100,000 partying college students and even high schoolers every year. But in recent years, many hotels have made clear statements that they are not interested in that market because of its potentially disruptive nature.

College and High School spring breaks typically run from the end of February through till the end of March and although most of the crowds cause no problems other than noise issues, with thousands of teenagers who are usually underage in the United States, it’s not uncommon for more serious disturbances to occur.

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But those intending to travel through Cancun during that period needn’t worry much. The vast majority of the young visitors heading to Cancun are going as part of organized tour groups with set agendas, pre-planned parties, and staying in resorts that are comfortable taking in large rowdier groups. On any given peak week, Cancun can receive as many as a million travelers, so 20,000 shouldn’t cause too much concern. 

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There is also the possibility that the numbers are even lower than anticipated. Cancun’s recent headline-grabbing incidents may have put a limit on the number of parents who are comfortable sending their kids to the Mexican Caribbean. As much as the region is overwhelmingly safe for tourists, parents are statistically much more inclined to be more reserved in their decisions for their children, justifiably.

The government has long moved away from promoting Cancun as a spring break spot, something they will want to double down on after the last year’s post-pandemic success. The city will be looking to cling onto its newfound market, and generally speaking, setting a standard as a party destination is not the key to building a strong reputation.

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It’s a drastic difference in the financial outlook for many restaurants and hotels in the region too. The average expenditure of a typical visitor to Cancun is around $1500. However, spring breakers average only $200. Higher-end restaurants and hotels are out of the question, and even bars don’t see as much business as would be anticipated as many of the younger travelers stock up on alcohol from stores,
Concerts are being prepared for the spring breakers, but as the city is still currently in a yellow epidemiological traffic light level, it is unclear exactly how many attendees could be expected to such events.

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Families hoping to take advantage of the school holidays to escape the last of the winter weather can look forward to a pleasant time in the city. Cancun is still having a strong year despite its COVID restrictions. The yellow and orange designations have done little to deter tourists, despite a drop in hotel capacity.

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The Quintana Roo government has made it clear that their goal moving forward is to continue the economic recovery of the region, and that COVID cannot hamper that further. They are still pressing for adherence to basic sanitary measures, but for the most part, tourists to Cancun should be free to enjoy themselves.

Even a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” designation will not do much. The CDC’s warnings are only advice, and Mexico is currently one of 135 countries on the list making it no more of a risk than two-thirds of the planet.

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With that said, anyone hoping to arrive should still keep on top of any changes to restrictions both in Mexico and their home country.

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