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Cancun Launches New Program To Draw Tourists To City’s Downtown Area

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Cancun is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations and frequently ranks as one of the most visited internationally.

While the city is best known for its massive resort zone and award-winning white-sand beaches, few are aware of the hidden gems found in downtown Cancun.

Aerial view of Cancun's downtown area

Authorities are attempting to turn the situation around by creating new programs that showcase Cancun’s rich cultural heritage. For their most recent initiative, city authorities are promoting local street and urban art.

The innovative project, known as Jornadas de Patrimonio, Arte, y Medio Ambiente, consists of guided tours of Cancun’s bustling downtown streets, many of which have been painted with an array of stunning artwork. 

Display of local Cancun culture and art

The goal is simple: to attract more tourists to step outside of the city’s packed resort zone and discover Cancun’s cultural offerings. To do so, city officials have drafted two-hour-long programs together with local hotels and hostels to show off local restaurants, packed streets, and Mercado 28. 

Cancun, a city of over 800,000 residents, is home to several unique districts and neighborhoods, each displaying unique features and qualities.

The two-hour tour takes travelers on an action-packed itinerary through some of Cancun’s most emblematic spots, including Nader Avenue, Mercado 28, and supermanzanas 24 and 26. 

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A city view of Cancun's downtown area with attractions

According to Itze, Delgado, one of the city planners behind the project, “we’ve already been in touch with hotels across the area to kick off with the tours, and there are currently five graffiti walls included in the tour.” 

This year, the local artwork on display touches upon a range of environmental topics. Travelers can learn more about Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean’s native endangered species, including spider monkeys, jaguars, and blue crabs. 

Aerial view of a Cancun district downtown

Whether it be for a quick glance or an inspirational social media post, there are countless reasons not to miss out on downtown Cancun’s growing tourism potential. 

Cancun has relied on similar initiatives throughout the years to showcase the city’s hidden talents and spread awareness about important social topics.

Since 2018, Cancun’s art scene has displayed art of various themes, each touching upon the region’s unique cultural and natural topics. 

Cancun's downtown area with a river and highrises

While the program mainly focuses on art, it’s also an opportunity for visitors to delve into Cancun’s delicious gastronomy.

Last week, we reported that Cancun restaurants are launching a brand new Ruta del taco’ (taco route) to make it easier than ever before for travelers to savor this classic Mexican dish.

Although the initiative is still in its early stages, over 20 restaurants have already signed up for it, and more are expected to do so in the near future. 

Tacos on a table in the riviera maya

All in all, it appears that Cancun’s downtown is more alive than ever, and as a result, officials hope a growing number of travelers will opt to spend time there.

As Cancun’s downtown area becomes more attractive to visitors, it’s important to be aware that crime remains a significant issue. While rarely affecting travelers directly, visitors are urged to plan and research where to go carefully.

With thousands of law enforcement deployments, Cancun has invested heavily in improving safety for travelers across the board. 

Police and Narcotics Dog Patrolling Playa del Carmen

If you find yourself wanting to visit downtown Cancun, opt for one of the many guided tours available for travelers.

This 5 to 6-hour bus tour takes visitors through some of the city’s most emblematic locations, from the hotel zone right to the beating heart of downtown Cancun. 

The $63 per person tour includes a professional guide as well as tequila tasting – a classic done best in Mexico.

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Thursday 13th of April 2023

Hahaha or Jajajaja in Spanish. Get control of the cartels in the central part of the city then maybe people will leave the resorts and actually see the rest of the area. It was nice 20yrs ago and downtown was an escape from the tourist areas. Now, no thanks, plus the taxis are competing to be the biggest crooks in the area!