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Playa Del Carmen Authorities Ramp Up Anti-Smoking Measures On Beaches 

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Earlier in the year, a new ban on smoking was enacted in Mexico, further prohibiting smoking in public spaces.   

The comprehensive ban is an extension to an earlier ban that restricted smoking in indoor establishments.   

No Smoking Sign on the Beach in English and Spanish

Now it has been expanded to include various outdoor public spaces as well.  

Ramping Up Anti-Smoking Measures 

There has been some pushback regarding the ban from both business owners and smokers since it was launched in January 2023.   

Despite this, Playa del Carmen authorities are ramping up anti-smoking measures on beaches during the busy weeks ahead.   

Additional smoking ban signage will be placed throughout the busy tourist destination, and officials will tour tourist areas raising awareness of the ban. 

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Origins Of The Anti Smoking Ban 

The anti-smoking sentiment in Mexico did not originate with the approval of the extension in December 2021, but in fact, a less comprehensive ban was launched way back in 2008.   

The 2008 law consisted of banning smoking in indoor public places, which included schools, bars and restaurants, and even public transportation, as well as in indoor workspaces.   

It was also at that time that officials enhanced the warnings on packaging containing cigarettes to provide a more clear explanation of the dangers of smoking. 

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Statistics That Led To The Ban 

As with any smoking ban, it is designed to help protect citizens from the various diseases that can be caused not only by smoking but by being exposed to second-hand smoke as well.   

Statistics show that more than 60,000 deaths in Mexico each year are caused either directly or indirectly by smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke.   

This represents a total of 10 percent of all annual deaths in the country. 

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The Role Of The Pan American Health Organization 

The Pan American Health Organization works with various countries to help them improve health conditions and protect the health of their citizens.   

For the last 13 years, the organization has been working with Mexico on restructuring tobacco laws in an effort to protect society from the deadly effects of smoking for both smokers as well as individuals exposed to it.   

The new measures were approved on December 14, 2022, by the Mexican Senate.  

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New Additions To The Law 

In addition to banning smoking in all indoor spaces, the new law expanded to include all outdoor public spaces as well.   

This includes beaches, parks, outdoor restaurants, outdoor areas at resorts, and outdoor performance venues.   

The new law also addresses tobacco advertising, banning cigarette ads in stores, as well as the display of tobacco products.   

Vape products are also banned in Playa del Carmen and in Mexico in general, although that was a separate ban enacted in the summer of 2022. 

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Penalties For Breaking The Law 

Both the millions of smokers living in Mexico and the millions of tourists who visit are subject to penalties for breaking anti-smoking laws, which can include fines and/or jail time.   

Fines for violating the law range from $50 – $300, according to a report from Reuters, and bars and restaurants that do not enforce the law can be fined up to nearly $50,000.   

Lawbreakers can also be subjected to up to a day and a half of jail time for not cooperating with the ban as well.  

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Obeying The Law In A Foreign Country 

Although the penalties for breaking the anti-tobacco laws are, at face value, minimal, it is never a good idea to get involved with the law when visiting a foreign country.   

This is something to consider before visiting Playa del Carmen because they are promoting following the law.   

And the last place you want to spend a day and a half of your Mexican Caribbean vacation is in a jail cell in Playa del Carmen.

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