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Cancun Raises 18 Million Dollars To Help Fight Sargassum This Summer

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Cancun’s renowned white-sand beaches are due to receive significant investments this summer to help combat sargassum and rising pollution levels thanks to the city’s new tourism tax. 

Cancun’s Visitax has added more than $18 million to the city’s coffers this year alone, providing a major boost in sargassum prevention and clean-up.

aerial view of a white sand beach in cancun with resorts

And with seaweed levels set to rise significantly this year due to warm weather, Cancun is readying efforts to protect its splendid beaches. 

With that in mind, here’s how Cancun is using its new tourism revenues to help combat sargassum seaweed

a large patch of sargassum on a playa del carmen beach

Cancun Travel Tax To Be Used To Shore Up Beach Cleanliness Amid Sargassum Concerns 

While tourism is largely seen as an advantage in Cancun, benefiting the local economy and boosting business, it is not without its shortcomings. 

In 2019, the city began levying a new environmental tax, applicable to all overnight stays in the coastal destination.

The tax of $11 per person is collected by local officials, who then invest the money for the common good of Cancun’s residents and travelers.

Worker Cleaning Sargassum From a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

And with travel to Cancun soaring to new records in 2024, the city has managed to earn more tax revenue than previously expected. 

As a result, Cancun officials have announced new investments in shoring up beach cleanliness as well as investing in new technology to fight sargassum seaweed.

The timely announcement comes as sargassum levels continue to rise across Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, promoting alerts from meteorological agencies.

blue water during a sunny day in cancun

According to the latest forecasts, this summer could be among the hottest on record in the coastal destination, a variable which may be linked to higher sargassum levels. 

Cancun has already taken a number of proactive steps to combat sargassum, although more efforts are needed for a sustainable solution, experts say. 

Up to 30% of Cancun’s environmental tax will be used this summer to ensure that the city’s beaches remain in tip-top condition. According to officials from Cancun’s environmental agency, new programs are being launched to recover sand lost to erosion, as well as new initiatives to remove trash from public beaches. 

Aerial View of Sargassum in the Mexican Caribbean in Tulum

Cancun’s environmental tax is charged through 250 hotels and resorts in the city, providing the Mexican Caribbean hotspot with ample resources to help mitigate rising sargassum levels. 

Travelers can track the city’s sargassum situation on the Quintana Roo Sargassum Monitoring Network Facebook page, which publishes regular updates concerning seaweed levels in the region. 

According to the latest update, most Cancun beaches are currently facing moderate sargassum levels amid forecasts that the situation could worsen in the coming weeks. 

Colorful Cancun Sign ona Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Aside from bolstering beach cleanliness, Cancun’s tourism tax revenue is also used to fund public safety and law enforcement. And in 2024, the city’s security situation is looking favorable thanks to new high-tech investments including cameras and surveillance systems. 

Cancun Retains Its Position As Leading Beach Destination In Mexico In 2024

With more Blue Flag beaches than ever, Cancun remains the number one beach destination in Mexico in 2024.

The Mexican Caribbean is home to a whopping 32 Blue Flag beaches this year, most of which are located in Cancun and Isla Mujeres. 

Blue flag sign in Cancun beach

Some of the city’s top-rated public beaches include DelfinesChac Mool, and Marlin, which have all seen more investments to improve cleanliness and sustainability levels. 

Although Cancun continues to delight travelers with its excellent white-sand beaches, authorities are urging visitors to sort and throw away trash, such as plastic bottles and beer cans.

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Saturday 22nd of June 2024

vista tax has raised 18 million for beach clean up and they pay those poor mexican workers about 10 dollars a day to clean it up. SAD