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Cancun Restaurants To Increase Prices By More Than 10 Percent Due To Inflation 

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The cost of everything is going up all over the world and now Cancun restaurants will likely be increasing their prices by more than 10 percent due to the inflation plaguing the world today. The increase is a result of the restaurants having to pay more for their products, and in some cases for labor as well. It is expected to go into effect by the end of the year and will eventually be the new norm, as the cost of goods continues to rise. 

The huge increase in the price of gas is also to blame for the eventual rise in restaurant prices, as owners are paying more to get the products they need. Gas prices have been on the rise and have reached never seen before levels as a result of inflation, the pandemic, and a multitude of other reasons. All of these costs must be passed on to the consumer for restaurants to continue to stay profitable and keep their doors open for tourists and locals. 

Even though gas is more expensive, resulting in higher ticket prices, and everything else that tourists might have to pay for may have gone up in price, Cancun has still hosted millions of travelers this year already. Now, as summer quickly approaches, millions more tourists from both Europe and the U.S. are expected to visit Cancun between now and September. But if costs continue to rise, it is inevitable that some travelers will begin to cancel their plans. 

Even as costs are rising, Cancun continues to grow as a tourist destination, with multiple new hotels in the works and festivals and events finally starting back up following the decline in the number of Covid cases. Although there has been a recent uptick in those contracting the virus, there are still fewer cases than last year and the beginning of 2022. Those that are getting the virus during this current slight increase are mostly being able to quarantine at home and do not have to be hospitalized. 

Due to the less extreme effects, this new strain of the virus is having on people, the government in Cancun is not reinstating restrictions that were in place at the height of the pandemic as of right now. Officials are watching closely and suggesting tourists and residents take their own precautions but nothing is official at this time. Masks and frequent handwashing are being advised but for now, it is up to the individual, rather than any mandates in place. 


The minimal restrictions enforced by the Mexican government are the reason for Cancun becoming so popular during and after the pandemic. The country never closed its borders, although there were certain protocols travelers had to follow, such as wearing masks both indoors and outdoors. The huge vaccination effort also helped to keep case numbers lower than in many other areas of the world. 

Now with the U.S. lifting many of its restrictions, including no longer requiring masks on planes and not requiring vaccinations for re-entry into the country, it is likely that even more people will begin to travel again. Cancun has the best of everything to offer tourists, beautiful beaches, history and culture, and exciting nightlife. Now that so many have had the opportunity to see this, the city has become the number one vacation destination in the world. 

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As we all figure out how to redefine normal it is inevitable that things will change all over the world and eventually, we will all adapt. Although nobody wants to pay more than they have to, restaurants need to remain profitable in order to continue to operate, which is exactly what we want them to be able to do.  

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