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Cancun Tourists Booking Hotels Near The Airport For Their Last Nights Amid Traffic Chaos

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To avoid any disruptions, tourists are booking hotels near Cancun International Airport for their final nights. Last week, roadways were jammed up to three hours due to lane closures caused by renovation projects taking place on the bridge that links the airport and boulevard.

The congestion caused a huge backlog of traffic, especially around the busier times of the day. Many tourists have turned to booking last-minute hotel rooms near the airport as they don’t want to risk being caught up in another interference while trying to get back home.

View of beautiful Hotel Fiesta Americana Cancun Villas in the hotel zone of Cancun

What Tourists Experienced Last Week

Last Wednesday, a frenzy occurred at Cancun International Airport. Travelers frantically abandoned their ride-sharing taxis and sprinted miles with suitcases to the terminal in hopes of making it on time for their flights. Unsurprisingly, delays ensued, forcing airlines to wait until all passengers had arrived before taking off.

three men and one woman with suitcases and backpacks on the street in the city

Flight Delay Winter Disaster

This past week has been an absolute nightmare for Sunwing Vacations passengers. The travelers faced extensive delays at the Cancun airport leaving them stranded and unable to return home. As there were no definite information on when their flights, each second felt like an eternity of uncertainty. Making the situation worse, many passengers found that they had either inadequate transportation or accommodation when their original flight was canceled. This only added to the already stressful experience of having to travel internationally.

Airplane on runway in blizzard

As a consequence of several delays, travelers have taken to social media in order to share the anguish and desperation felt by those stranded. These unfortunate individuals were deprived of the opportunity to spend their much-anticipated holidays with loved ones due to these heartbreaking disruptions.

Passengers sitting in the floor and charging their phones in the corridors of the airport due flight delays

If you are scheduled to fly during the winter months, it is essential to prepare ahead of time for any potential flight disruptions due to inclement weather. According to Sunwing Vacations, severe weather in Canada was the most common cause of these delays. Being mindful and proactive will help ensure your travels remain stress-free!

Safeguarding Against Delays 

One thing all travelers dread is arriving too late for their flights due to unforeseen circumstances like road closures or taxi delays. To safeguard against these types of delays, more people have been opting for travel insurance. They use this as part of an added layer of protection when traveling abroad. 

Lady and daughter walking in cancun airport with luggage

Also, pack lightly—It goes without saying that packing lightly has its advantages when it comes to avoiding travel disruptions. You won’t have as much luggage to lug around if you have to switch transportation methods or suddenly sprint down long stretches of terminal halls carrying heavy suitcases like some passengers did last week at Cancun International Airport! It will make it easier for you to catch up with your flight if something unpredictable happens on the way there.  

Set Aside Time For Emergencies 

It’s important that you give yourself enough time before check-in. This is crucial so that you don’t accidentally miss your flight due to unforeseen events occurring along the way. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in an unfamiliar city scrambling for lodging. Or, frantically searching for last-minute flights back home! Give yourself enough time. In unfamiliar countries, it’s save to give yourself over 2.5 hours of time before your scheduled departure. Oftentimes, people forget that despite traffic jams, there can be long queues during check-in or security. This is especially true during peak hours of the day.

Tourists lined up to take photos at the Cancun Sign in Cancun hotel zone

Final Thoughts

Traveling should be an enjoyable experience but unfortunately, delays and cancellations can occur at any moment. This adds tremendous unnecessary stress to an already hectic situation. To reduce risks of unfortunate events, booking at a hotel close by the airport on your final night is well worth it. This minimizes the risk of running late to your booked flight- after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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