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How To Pick The Best Travel Insurance For Your Next Cancun Vacation

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Curating your perfect getaway doesn’t end with your hotel choice or tours that you book. As we head into 2023, it’s more important than ever to have your travels covered by insurance in case something unexpected happens. But, every travel insurance company and package is different. Some are better with covering activities, others with lost and/or stolen baggage.

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You’ll also want to take into account your age and lifestyle, because some insurance companies will offer perks depending on your age. This is where you’ll want to assess your needs for your trip to pick the best insurance coverage that works for you. 

To help make this part of your trip planning go a little smoother, here are some tips on picking the best travel insurance for you for your next vacation to Cancun, including some of the top insurance companies for just about any type of traveler.

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1. Research Travel Insurance Companies For Your Cancun Trip

Are you looking for a travel insurance policy that caters to digital nomads? Or, are you all about flexibility? Do you want to go with an insurance company that offers more complete packages for your convenience? As we mentioned before, lots of travel insurance companies out there are made a little differently, so it’s important to look at how they stand out if you want to find your ideal coverage for your Cancun vacation.

First, let’s take a look at some travel insurance companies that offer more comprehensive coverage for your trip

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Safety Wing: This travel insurance company has become the go-to choice for digital nomads and long-term, budget travelers for the past few years. What sets them apart is that you can extend your coverage while on the road, making it an easy choice if you’re rarely at your home base and always on the go. The age limit for plans is currently 69, and medical accidents are a $250 deductible. You’ll have to purchase supplementary coverage if you plan on doing some extreme sports activities during your trip, as Safety Wing plans don’t cover those. 

HeyMondo: HeyMondo travel insurance plans are a little different – you won’t have to pay a deductible and they offer annual policies that covers trips for up to 60 days. You can get supplemental coverage. for extreme sports, and basic medical plans start. at $50 for one week of coverage. You can find out more about HeyMondo travel insurance here.


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2. Review Your Priorities

Another important thing to keep in mind when picking your travel insurance package is to be aware of your priorities. What do you really want covered? On top of basic medical coverage, are you traveling with valuables (an expensive camera, for instance) that you want to keep insured just in case?

Or do you want an insurance package that covers extreme sports? Or both? Always ask questions and read the details of the insurance plans when choosing one, so that you know you’ll be covered for what you need.

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3. Set A Budget

Like setting your hotel, food, and excursion budget, it’s also a good idea to factor in the right budget for your travel insurance plan. And depending on the coverage you want, you might have to pay a little extra (or less). 

If it’s your travel belongings that you want covered, your insurance budget will probably be a little higher. Measure the total cost of your valuables (yes, you can account for that irreplaceable sentimental value as well) versus the plan you’re getting to see if the extra costs will really be worth it. 

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4. Look At What You’re Already Covered For

You might be thinking that you don’t need to bother buying travel insurance because you’re already covered through work, your credit card(s), or whatever. Or maybe you didn’t realize that you might have some form of travel insurance already. Either way, it’s still essential to look into buying extra coverage for your trip – even if it’s just so you’ll know what insurance information to give when you’re booking an excursion in Cancun or when you get your bill at the end of an unexpected visit to the hospital. 

Most credit card insurance plans offer very basic coverage (like, they won’t necessarily cover you if you injure yourself when diving) and some plans might only cover domestic trips, which wouldn’t work in Cancun. In any case, always check if some extra travel insurance is needed. Better safe than sorry!

Travel with a peace of mind in 2023. We hope that these tips on picking your perfect travel insurance for Cancun were helpful. Stay safe out there.

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