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Cancun Tourists Must Steer Clear Of These Beach Areas This Summer

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According to the head of ecology of Benito Juarez municipality, marine turtle season began at the end of April with the arrival of the loggerhead sea turtle.

baby turtles

These turtles have begun to make nests to lay eggs on Cancun beaches. These beaches are protected as the eggs will hatch, and the newborn turtles will return to the ocean.

Every year turtle season begins around May and ends between October and November, although there are times when particular nests are protected until December.

There are four species of turtle that arrive in the Mexican Caribbean each year. They are the white, hawksbill, loggerhead, and leatherback turtles.

There are 54 protected areas that protect 9,084 nests. In these nests, there are 1,032,975 eggs which result in 978,073 hatchlings.

baby turtle

Authorities ask that citizens and visitors take extra care of beaches during this time.

Once nests are created, volunteers mark the sand so that eggs are not disturbed. It is important that tourists watch out for such markings in order to avoid accidental damage to nests.

During the hatching season, many nests will be guarded for the protection of wildlife.

As always, it is important not to throw trash on the beaches and pick up any trash you find so that the sand remains in optimal condition for these wildlife species.

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baby turtle

Sea turtles are a protected species in Mexico, so it is illegal to hunt, capture or steal their eggs.

Nesting sites are protected, and events are held to release hatchling turtles, but because of their small size, baby turtles are an easy target for poachers.

Tourists can call 911 if they find the nesting area being tampered with or in some sort of danger.

Where To See Turtles

South Point of Isla Mujeres is a great stop for those who wish to see sea turtles.

baby sea turtle beach

May, June, and July are particularly busy times for sea turtles in the area. During these months, turtles congregate for their mating season in the waters off Isla Mujeres.

The South Point of Isla Mujeres is the mating location for the green, hawksbill, and loggerhead sea turtles.

Later in the year, tourists who want to see hatchling sea turtles might want to check out Akumal.

Akumal, which means turtle nest, is a beach and ocean spot south of Cancun known for its wildlife.

Turtle Hatchlings

Nighttime turtle walks in Akumal are popular with wildlife-loving tourists.

Snorkeling is another favorite activity in Akumal, where you can see turtles all year round. The waters are not deep, and the currents are not strong, making Akumal a popular snorkeling destination for families.

How To See Turtle Hatchlings

One of the most exciting events in the Mexican Caribbean is the hatching of sea turtles.

Thousands of sea turtle hatchlings are released into the ocean every year, creating a spectacle unlike any other.

Interested tourists can participate in the process if they plan ahead.

It is recommended that tourists who want to see the hatching go with an experienced tour guide. Not only is it likely to be a more enjoyable and educational experience if you share it with a professional, but also a more sustainable one.


Inexperienced tourists may accidentally cause harm to the turtles or their nests, but a guide can ensure that no harm is done.

It is recommended that tourists do not carry flashlights or take flash photographs because it might disturb the turtles.

For those that want to be a part of the release itself, Isla Mujeres Tortuga Granja is a great option.

Isla Mujeres Tortuga Granja is a turtle farm that organizes turtle hatchling releases during August and September.


These are popular events for families. Observers can see children lined up on beaches with buckets of baby turtles ready to be released.

Additionally, in the Cancun hotel zone, some of the bigger resorts have turtle-releasing events for their guests.

These releases help protect baby turtles from predators and other hazards.

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