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Cancun Vs. Tulum Airport: Which Is Best For Your Next Trip? 

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It used to be that pretty much everyone visiting the Mexican Caribbean would have to fly into Cancun Airport and then hire transportation to get to their destination.   

This is because, aside from a few connections with the airport in Cozumel, Cancun is the only airport in the region with major international connectivity.   

Now that has changed with the arrival of the new Tulum Airport, but when you look at Cancun vs. Tulum Airport, which is best for your next trip?   

Let’s take a look at a few factors to consider when choosing which is a better option. 

Green Lawn and Sign In Front of Tulum Internatinal Airport

The Cost Of Flying Into Cancun 

Flights vary greatly in price, depending on when you’re flying, where you’re flying from, and what day of the week you’re traveling.   

As flights to exotic destinations go in general, though, Cancun is a fairly inexpensive destination to fly to.   

Direct flights for a weekend in mid-July, for example, range from $293 to fly from Dallas, and $338 to fly from New York.   

Terminal 4 Sign at Cancun International Airport

What You’ll Pay To Fly To Tulum 

For the same dates, July 19-23 of this year, a direct flight from New York to Tulum isn’t that much different in price compared to flying to Cancun.   

That flight is priced at $331.   

The flight from Dallas to Tulum, though, priced at $432, is considerably more expensive than the flight from Dallas to Cancun.   

Cars and Travelers in Front of Tulum International Airport

Transportation Costs To Get From Cancun Airport To The Hotel Zone 

If you have ever done research on vacationing in Cancun, or have already visited in the past, then you probably have heard or know that transportation is a fairly big expense.   

It’s probably about the third biggest expense you’ll have for your Cancun vacation, next to accommodations and flights, and from some cities even your flight might cost less than what you’ll pay for transportation during your visit.   

Just to get from the airport to the Hotel Zone you can expect to pay as much as $80 or more.   

Tourists Waiting to Be Picked Up at Cancun Airport

The High Price Of Hotel Transfers In Tulum 

Getting from Tulum Airport to your hotel, if you’ll be staying in Tulum, costs quite a bit more than getting from Cancun Airport to your hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone.   

Transportation providers pay considerably more to operate at Tulum Airport compared to those that operate out of Cancun.   

Additionally, it’s a longer trip between Tulum’s airport and where the bulk of the hotels are located.   

ADO buses are fairly inexpensive, running about $10 for the one-way trip, but if you want private transportation you can expect to pay over $100. 

Cars Parked Outside of Tulum International Airport

Other Pros Of Flying Into Cancun 

Around the world, there are 121 airports from which travelers can fly nonstop to Cancun, 42 of which are U.S. airports, so Cancun has great connectivity, whereas Tulum is only directly connected to 9 U.S. cities.   

Additionally, Cancun Airport is only about a half hour from the hotel zone, so it’s a short trip, albeit a pricey one, to your destination if this is where you’ll be staying.   

Additionally, there are a lot more transportation options available at Cancun Airport due to its size.   

Cancun Airport Transportation Providers

Benefits Of Flying Into Tulum 

Tulum’s Airport is centrally located in the Mexican Caribbean.   

This makes it the ideal airport to fly into if you’re traveling anywhere south of Tulum, and it is even a convenient option if you’re visiting destinations south of Cancun, like Playa del Carmen.   

The smaller airport is also easier to navigate than Cancun’s much larger airport.   

Tulum International Airport Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Final Thoughts When It Comes To Choosing 

At the end of all ends, which airport you choose to fly into for your Mexican Caribbean vacation comes down to two things.  The first is that it’s a matter of preference.   

If Cancun Airport is what you’re used to, then you might not want to make the change.   

The second has to do with convenience, meaning the availability of flights from your home airport, the affordability, and how close your destination is to each airport.   

Consider these factors to make the best decision for you.  

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