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Floyd Mayweather Reveals Favorite Hotel And Restaurant In Cancun

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Floyd Mayweather has been vacationing in Cancun and revealed his favorite restaurant and the hotel he’s been staying at. One of the most outgoing and eccentric boxers in the last 10 years, who has no problem sharing his luxurious lifestyle has been uploading his favorite moments from Cancun on his social media.


Mayweather uploaded a story to his Instagram captioned ‘My favorite restaurant in Cancun’. The restaurant is brand new and according to their official website is a ‘Fashion Grillhouse which features a culinary paradise specialized in the most exclusive cuts of meat and seafood, where food, passion and creativity are the stars’. It was not revealed if Mayweather had a financial interest in the restaurant.


Additionally Mayweather shared that he was staying at the luxurious Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Cancun. The hotel features 162 luxurious suites. It’s assumed Mayweather was staying in the Loft Suit which is the most expensive room at around USD $2000 per night featuring two floors, 5000 square feet, a Jacuzzi and private rooftop terrace.

Garza Blanca Resort Cancun

Mayweather toured his followers through the Garza Blanca suite after stating that he did not enjoy Tulum so he returned to Cancun to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

“I didn’t like Tulum, so I came back to Cancun.” Mayweather stated.

As he finished the tour of the hotel Mayweather added “It’s the best hotel in Cancun, It’s just my opinion.”

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