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Fly Direct To Cancun From These Frigid U.S. Cities This Spring Break For Under $400 Roundtrip 

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Spring break is just around the corner for many young people in the United States, so now is the best time to start looking for flights.  Most spring breakers choose a warm sunny destination for their vacation, and Cancun is a hugely popular choice, especially for those in locations with cold winters.  A quick search for flights found that spring breakers can fly direct to Cancun from six frigid U.S. cities this spring break for less than, or very close to, $400 roundtrip.   

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A direct flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Cancun International Airport takes approximately four hours, give or take a few minutes.  Although prices vary considerably during the months of March and April, there are quite a few dates that come in at less than $400.  Flights for some dates are even below $300. 

  • March 3-8 – $290 
  • March 10-15 – $363 
  • April 14-19 – $268 
  • April 21-26 – $228 
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Direct flights from Philadelphia International Airport to Cancun International Airport take just over four hours of travel time.  There are even more options between these two cities that are under $400.  In fact, you can fly on any Friday in March with a return on Wednesday for well below that price point, while April is a little higher, coming in at just over $400 for one of the dates we checked and slightly below for the other.   

  • March 3-8 – $303 
  • March 10-15 – $294 
  • April 14-19 – $410 
  • April 21-26 – $367 

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From Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Cancun International Airport, the flight time is typically right around four hours, although some are as little as three hours and forty minutes.  Flights are more expensive in March flying out of O’Hare, coming in at just over $400 for the first date in March that we checked, and well over for the second date in March, so we switched that one out for a cheaper date.  For April, we used the same dates as for previous cities.  

  • March 3-8 – $413 
  • March 17-22 – $337 
  • April 14-19 – $330 
  • April 21-26 – $318 
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New York 

The flight to Cancun International Airport from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport takes about four to four and a half hours.  For flights from this airport, tickets were much more expensive than any of the others, so some different dates were chosen in order to fall into that $400 price range.  The only one not changed was the early March date.   

  • March 3-8 – $401 
  • March 22-29 – $326 
  • April 16-20 – $356 
  • April 23-28 – $326 
Beautiful Cancun Beach Surrounded by Turquoise Blue Water and Filled With Tourists.


From Denver International Airport to Cancun, the flights are also right around four hours, and there are many morning flights available.  The pricing, like the flights from the first three cities, was below $400 for the same dates searched.  These dates were used except for the second week in March, which was well over the price point, hence the different dates.   

  • March 3-8 – $335 
  • March 7-12 – $336 
  • April 14-19 – $336 
  • April 21-26 – $348 
Cancun's Beautiful Caribbean Sea and Beaches Filled with Tourists.

Kansas City 

Flights from Kansas City International Airport, which take less than four hours, only fly to Cancun International Airport on certain days of the week.  For this reason, the dates vary compared to the dates used for flights from other cities.  There are flights for under $400 for multiple dates in both March and April, though. 

  • March 3-7 – $371 
  • March 5-9 – $328 
  • April 9-13 – $356 
  • April 16-20 – $381 
People walking on beach in Isla Mujeres

There are direct flights from about 40 different cities to Cancun available at any given time, and some of these are even cheaper than those listed above.  But here, we wanted to list cities that are colder in the winter because Cancun is the perfect warm weather getaway for spring breakers. 

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