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Holbox Tourists Will No Longer Deal With This Major Issue That Has Plagued The Destination

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Isla Holbox is a vibrant and idyllic Caribbean island on the Yucatan Peninsula, and it has been suffering from severe electricity blackouts and even water shortages in recent months.

The mayor of Holbox, Manuel Escamilla García, has reported that new transformers have been installed, and the old ones have been switched out by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), and it has already made a huge difference to the island!

Is Holbox Still Experiencing Blackouts Depsite The Fix?

It’s already been noticed that there are no more power outages, and the services seem to have drastically improved, which is amazing news for tourists, who come from all over the world to see this stunning island.

It was said by the Mayor Manuel, that there were a couple of issues during the two-day project, however, there aren’t any of the weekend power downtimes anymore – which was a hindrance, as these were peak tourist times.

This project means a lot to the citizens of Holbox, not only for their livelihoods and businesses but also to ensure quality standards of the island to keep their tourists happy.

It was made possible by the mayor by having a meeting with local business owners to get it sorted. Initially, they knew it was going to be a bit hassle to arrange everything, but now it’s all worth it!

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Manuel Escamilla García has said that the families in the area have had some issues in recent days while the transformers have been put into place, but rest assured, the problems are fixed now.

The changes have now made everything better and also made Holbox a better place to live and visit.

It actually seems that the electricity is now smoother than ever before, and the outdated transformers have now been fixed.

It looks like the affected areas were from Tiburón Ballena Street to the Las Nubes Hotel, and also Tiburón Ballena Avenue to Punta Cocos.

Why Should I Visit Holbox?

If you are heading to Holbox anytime soon, you are in for an absolute treat!

Brightly Colored Building Holbox

It is home to award-winning white sandy beaches, luxurious resorts, cozy budget beach huts, and crystal clear waters, basically dubbed Mexico’s answer to a Caribbean island, and it is also easily accessible from Cancun.

You can take a bus or a private shuttle to the town of Chiquila, and from there, you want to take a short ferry over to Holbox – your journey takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Activity-wise, you can spend one of your days getting up close and personal with the whale sharks, and then perhaps hiking up to Punta Mosquito nature reserve and visit the flamingos the next; Holbox has wildlife in abundance.

Aerial View of the Turquoise Waters Surrounding the Island of Holbox, Mexico

If you haven’t seen or heard of bioluminescence, Holbox is known for it; it’s where the water at night lights up bright blue, creating a magical experience for visitors. This is a night tour only, and you can even sometimes jump in the water to swim with them.

Holbox is also known for its insane cuisine, a fusion of Mexican, Caribbean, and Mayan flavors.

It’s also infamous for its mellow and relaxed island vibe. Generally, there are no cars on the island, and most people usually get around by golf cart or bicycle, which is also heaps of fun when it rains!

How Can We Help Even With The Power Being Back Up And Running?

As a tourist or travelers, we can also do our bit when visiting places with limited electricity, for example, turning off lights in rooms we aren’t using and turning switches off when they aren’t being used.

Also, with it being a small island, supplies are plentiful but not in abundance, so make sure you are trying to conserve water where and when you can, such as not leaving the shower running when you’re not using it.

However, whatever you are thinking for your next vacation, don’t ever hesitate to book Holbox!

It makes for the ultimate relaxation getaway, and now that the electricity is back in action, you are good to go, so get packing your bags – Holbox is ready for you!

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